Learn The Origin, Characteristics And How To Raise Bull Dogs

Bulldog is a very popular breed of foreign dog raised in the world. But in fact, there are many owners who do not know how to distinguish between purebred dogs and hybrids. There are also many owners who do not know how to care for and train their pets at home. With the desire to bring the best support to the lotus, today I would like to provide detailed information about the origin, characteristics, and how to raise the Bully dog.

The Origin of the Bulldog

The Origin of the Bulldog
The Origin of the Bulldog

Bulldog is also known by the full name American Bully or Bully, Bulldog. True to its name, the Bully dog ​​is a dog breed from the United States. They were first discovered in 1995. Soon after, the Bully dogs created a fever in the US and spread to Europe and Asia. Including Thailand and Vietnam.

It is known that the Bully dog ​​breed is considered a perfect cross between a Pitbull and a Bulldog. They carry the precious qualities of both of these dogs, so they are extremely loved.

Characteristic features of the Bulldog dog

Characteristic features of the Bulldog dog
Characteristic features of the Bulldog dog

The Bully breed of dogs as a whole has a striking appearance due to their chiseled physiques. There is a wide variation in adult dog height, from 46 to 53 centimeters. A male dog may weigh up to 27 kilograms, while a female can weigh up to 23 kilograms.

The Bully has a huge, sad head in comparison to the rest of their body.

The dog’s head, however, is only of average length, and its large forehead is situated far from its eyes.

Additionally, there is a large amount of space between the eyeballs.

The typical placement of a Bully dog’s ears is high on the head.

The dog has robust teeth and a powerful chewing force despite having a muzzle of average length.

The Bully dog’s upper and lower jaws develop in a harmonious relationship.

With their powerful leg muscles and rapidly developing deep and broad chest, bully dogs may intimidate their opponents into retreating into fear. The dog has a short back and its shoulder blades stick out. The dog has a longer neck and a natural sagging that begins at the shoulder blades.

The Bully’s coat is very thick for a dog breed yet unusually short.

Although it looks and sounds luxurious, the fur has a harsh texture.

Bully dog ​​classification

Bully dog ​​classification
Bully dog ​​classification

Based on body characteristics, people divide Bulldogs into many different types. Here are the popular breeds of Bully dogs that are raised today:

Bully Pocket Dog

The Bully Pocket is considered a shortened version of the Bully American Standard dog. Because the appearance of this breed is somewhat more modest. Normally, the Bully Pocket dog will have a height ranging from 40 to 45cm if the shoulder is taken into account.

Standard Bulldog

The Bully Standard dog breed has a medium body size, but leaves a strong impression thanks to its incredible strength. They possess a muscular body and a square head like a square box. The Bully Standard dog’s skeleton is also very strong, so it gives the breed a majestic gait. It is known that the height of adult Bully Standard dogs can be up to 50cm.

Bully Classic Dog

The Bully Classic dogs are usually lighter in weight and skeleton than the Standard Bully dogs. If compared with the two breeds mentioned above, the Bully Classic dog has a softer skeleton. Perhaps that’s why the pet’s body doesn’t look too rough and looks much slimmer. In particular, the body height of this dog is also outstanding when growing to 50cm.

Bully Extreme

The Bully Extreme dog has a rather heavy skeleton despite its maximum height of only 50cm. Pets carry more muscular and stronger muscles than the Bully Standard breed.

Bulldog XL

The Bully XL is the largest dog breed in the Bully breed. Of course, their height is also superior. An adult Bully XL dog can be nearly 60cm or more tall. But this dog has a friendly personality and is extremely gentle with everyone around.

How to raise a Bulldog

How to raise a Bull dog
How to raise a Bulldog

In addition to the identifying features of the purebred Bully dog ​​line, how to take care of the dog is also very interested. Understanding the general psychology, I would like to provide detailed instructions on how to raise a Bully dog ​​for beginners:

What do Bulldogs eat?

Bully dogs often have very high protein requirements. So you need to regularly feed your dog protein-rich foods such as egg whites, pork, beef, chicken necks and offal of many breeds.

Breeders also need to add more starch to the pet’s diet. To do this, add to the Bulldog’s diet sweet potatoes and cooked potatoes. Or any food containing a lot of good starch for the pet’s body.

Training mode for Bulldogs

In order for the Bully dog to have an ideal body and toned muscles, you need to apply a scientific exercise regimen for your pet. In this case, you should regularly exercise the Bull with running and jumping exercises indoors or inside large parks.

In addition, the lotus can also let pets go for a long run to enhance endurance and flexibility for the body. The movement will stimulate muscle growth and help them become firmer.

How to take care of Bulldog hair

The Bulldog’s coat is very short and lies close to the body. So when keeping a pet, you will not experience mass hair loss like poodles. But not so that people neglect to take care of the pet’s fur.

In return, bathe your pet once a day to remove bacteria and odors. After bathing, people can use a soft towel or a dryer to dry the fur and even the animal’s skin. Absolutely do not let the fur stay wet for too long to give rise to many skin diseases.

How to take care of the Bull dog’s health

Because it is a foreign breed, the Bulldog needs special health care. For puppies that are just born and are a few months old, vaccination is essential. For older dogs that have received the full dose of vaccine, you need to pay more attention to animal hygiene.

At this time, the owner needs to regularly check the pet’s feet, fingers and ears. Make sure these areas are free from lice, ticks and any other parasites. If you detect their presence, you can use an injection to treat dog ticks or drops to treat dog ticks depending on the case.

It is also important that people need to clean the environment for the Bully dog. The dog house must always be clean, well-ventilated and free of odors. Pet food and water trays need to be cleaned every day to prevent disease transmission.

How to train a good Bulldog

How to train a good dog Bully
How to train a good dog Bully

Due to the breed’s nature, Bull dogs are often aggressive in nature and very difficult to control. But in return they are very smart and agile, so the training process will not be too difficult. Here are some pet training methods that you can apply at home:

Training Bulldog to obey orders

  • Stand up command: Sit in front of the dog and hold the plate of food in your hand. Then move the food plate gradually up and command the pet to stand up. When they have stood up, you continue to sit the dog down and repeat this movement. When the Bull has done 10 to 15 times, give the dog a treat of the bait to encourage.
  • Sit down command: Sit facing your dog. Next, use one hand to gently press the dog’s head and the other hand to gently press the back. During this process, shout the command to sit down until they become obedient. Note that during the training process, you should proceed slowly and should not bully the pet.
  • Handshake: For a handshake, you’ll also need to use a bait dish to lure your pet. Accordingly, everyone should put the bait dish in their lap and then sit facing the pet. Use one hand to lift your pet’s paw and place it in your other hand. Then, shake the dog’s hand and move it up and down like you normally would. Repeat this movement for about 15 times, then give the dog a reward dish.

Train your dog to carry and chew objects

Do you often see pet dogs quickly gnaw home objects that have just been thrown away by their owners? Do you want your dog to do the same? This will become extremely simple when everyone follows the training instructions below:

  • Step 1: The dog owner should put the object to be thrown in front of the pet and horizontally at nose level. Let them see and sniff their target.
  • Step 2: After the pet has sniffed the item, throw them away and then order the pet to gnaw it back. Each time, everyone should reward the Bulldog with a delicious treat to encourage them.
  • Step 3: Perseveringly repeat this movement for 2 weeks, the Bully dog ​​will have the ability to carry and gnaw objects.

Thus, it can be seen that the process of training Bulldogs is not complicated. As long as you choose to buy a smart purebred dog and apply the right instructions, the pet will become obedient and extremely obedient.