Learn The Origin, Characteristics And How To Raise Berger dogs

It can be said that the Berger dog is one of the hunting dogs with the tallest and most majestic body. This breed’s fierce but very loyal nature has made them a favorite of many people. In Vietnam, Berger dogs are raised mainly for the purpose of keeping houses and as pets. If you also want to own a loyal keeper, immediately refer to the characteristics, personality, selection, and breeding of purebred Berger dogs.

Origin of Berger dog
Origin of Berger dog

The Berger is a famous breed of shepherd dog all over the world. At the end of the nineteenth century, the Berger dog first appeared in the Federal Republic of Germany. The breeder of the Berger dog is the Captain of the German Army – Max Von Stephanitz.

Initially, this breed was created solely for the purpose of herding cattle and making sled dogs. But since the second world war, Berger dogs have become popular all over the world and are widely bred to be pets in the house. By the middle of the 20th century, the German Berger was present in the United States.

Characteristics of the Berger dog

Characteristics of the Berger dog
Characteristics of the Berger dog

At the present time, the German Berger dog has lost many characteristics similar to its original ancestors. But in general, purebred Berger dogs still have many outstanding features that are easy to recognize. You can base on this to know how to recognize the hybrid and purebred Berger dog.

The first is about the weight and height of the purebred Berger dog. Usually, an adult Berger will weigh between 30 and 40kg. The height of the dog is in the range of 60 up to 65cm. Along with the outstanding body size, the Berger dog’s body looks extremely large with toned muscles. But 4 dog legs are very long and somewhat slim.

If you let Berger walk next to other dogs, you will notice that the pet’s neck is much higher. The upturned dog neck is combined with muscular chest muscles, highlighting the extremely proud beauty.

It is known that the upper body of the Berger dog is covered with dark black, dark brown and jet black fur. In some special cases, the Berger dog’s coat is pure white, dark orange and dark blue. Berger’s dog coat has two layers. In which the innermost layer is short and thick, the outermost layer is long and coarse.

Going into detail on the face of the Berger dog, they have a round head with a long square muzzle. The dog’s ears are erect and always lie parallel to each other. The Berger dog’s eyes are quite large and are black or brownish-black in color.

Despite being a hunting dog with an aggressive nature before enemies, Berger dogs are extremely friendly, affectionate and close to people. They are also the dog breed ranked third in the world in terms of intelligence.

Berger dog classification

Berger dog classification
Berger dog classification

Currently, Berger dogs are classified based on the origin and purity of the breed. People often classify Berger dogs as follows:

Classification of Berger dogs by origin

  • The German Berger has a larger body compared to other Berger breeds. They have all the characteristics of purebred dogs mentioned above.
  • The Belgian Berger is identified by its small head, narrow ears, long muzzle, and straight back. Their body is only 2/3 the size of the German Berger breed.
  • The Russian Berger has a darker gray coat than the German dog. The breed has an extremely muscular body with long legs, a small head, and bat ears. But their straight back spine is slightly curved towards the tail.

Classification of Berger dog substance based on purebred

  • Purebred Berger is a breed of dog whose parents are purebred German Berger dogs. This breed inherits outstanding features in terms of the appearance and personality of its parents.
  • The Berger hybrid was bred from a purebred Berger parent and another dog breed. The most popular are the wolf-breed Berger, the Husky-hybrid Berger, the Rottweiler-crossed Berger and the Phu Quoc-bred Berger.

How to choose and raise Berger dogs

How to choose and raise Berger dogs
How to choose and raise Berger dogs

If you want to have an intelligent, alert dog and possess a superior body, you need to know how to choose, buy, breed and raise a Berger dog properly. Here are some useful information you should not miss:

1. How to choose and breed Berger dogs

  • How to choose female Berger dogs: You should choose female dogs of reproductive age with strong limbs and wide buttocks and wide waist. The bitch must have multiple breasts and the nipples should be symmetrical. Usually, a female dog with 10 to 12 breasts is considered the best.
  • How to choose male Berger dogs: Prioritize choosing male dogs with tall bodies with toned muscles. The breed dog has a flexible, intelligent personality and especially has good health to ensure the ability to breed for the owner.
  • How to breed Berger dogs: Breeders should choose the ideal time to breed. That’s when Bergerpuppies enter puberty and are 12 months old or older. At this time, let’s let the male and female Berger dogs come into close contact with each other and keep them in the same cage. Livestock will quickly mate and produce healthy F2 generations.

How to raise Bergerdog

When raising Berger dogs at home, you need to pay special attention to the diet, hygiene regime and how to train the pet. Detail:

What do Berger dogs eat?

  • Animal foods such as beef, pork and poultry. These are all foods that provide adequate fat, protein and iron content for pets to develop lean muscles and muscular bodies.
  • Foods of animal origin such as fresh vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Inside this food contains a lot of vitamins and fiber, so it is very good for the digestive system.
  • The food contains many minerals, including crabs, shrimps, fish, sea, clams, oysters, snails, etc. Food provides animals with extremely rich levels of zinc, potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium.

Berger’s habitat

A pet’s living environment has a great influence on a pet’s personality and development. Therefore, it is better for everyone to give their pets the ideal living space so that they can have the highest comfort.

It is a place with spacious, clean and extremely airy space. The dog-rearing area ensures a dedicated area for pets to run, jump and participate in training exercises for themselves.

But if you don’t have the conditions, you can still raise a German dog in your own apartment. At this point, it’s important to get your dog active by taking them out for a run or playing inside the park. Only then can pets not become passive, timid and lose their inherent bravery.

How to clean Berger dog’s coat

As we all know, the Berger dog’s hair is quite long and dense, so it often falls out a lot. Therefore, owners need to brush their dog’s hair regularly to remove dead hair. This also helps you stimulate the hair growth process for your pet.

It’s also important that you bathe your pet regularly at home. If you have time, bathe your dog every day. If you don’t have time, you can bathe Bergeronce a week. After bathing the dog, dry the coat to avoid skin diseases, fungal infections and scabies.

How to clean Berger dog’s body

Regularly clean the toenails and use specialized pliers to trim the dog’s toenails. At the same time, you also need to carefully check the crevices between the toenails and ears to kill ticks, lice and parasites.

How to clean Berger’s place

Not only cleaning the dog’s body, cleaning the living area of ​​Berger dogs is also very important. It’s better for everyone to clean the dog’s cage and wash the pet’s food and water tray. Thus, new types of bacteria and viruses do not have the opportunity to multiply and develop.

2.6. How to train Bergerdog

  • Train Berger to follow the command to stand up, sit down and shake hands: Prepare the dog leash and bait dish → Hold the dog leash to keep the pet in place → Hold the bait dish in front of them and then shout the command to stand up, sit down , shake hands → If they obey, give them some bait in the dish → Repeat about 20 times a day for 1 month.
  • Train Berger dog to run durable with the owner: Please bring a leash around the dog’s neck → Bring a bait dish with you → Run parallel with the pet → About 50m, give Bergerdog a piece of bait to let them run after you → Repeat endurance running every day for 30 days.
  • Train Berger to pull weights: Please tie the weights to the zipper → Put the dumbbells on the pet → Start moving the pets by running in front so that they chase behind → Maintain the exercise for 30 minutes. minutes/day and continuously for 30 days.
  • Train Berger to sniff for objects: Prepare items to hide → Put some dog food on top → Let Bergersniff objects → Bring items to hide so that they can’t be left see → Grab the dog’s leash and lead the pet to the hiding area so they can sniff it → Reward the pet when they find it.

Above is detailed information about the origin, characteristics, breeding, and how to properly raise Berger dogs. You can rely on this to find yourself a purebred dog with good health to breeding. Or raise a pet as a pet dog for the family.