Dog Who’s Been In Shelter 1,250 Days ‘Howls With Joy’ When He Finally Gets Adopted

In the touching story of Bowie the adorable pitbull and his incredible determination and unending hope shelter dogs have.

Bowie was a major part of his time at the Gateway Pet Guardians shelter in St. Louis, patiently looking forward to his new home. Through a series of setbacks and long periods of wait, Bowie’s tale finally changed towards the right direction after he was able to find a caring family who he can claim as his own.

Bowie’s journey took a turn when he was adopted an infant, only to return to the shelter several months after. In spite of the staff’s love and care, Bowie struggled to find the right family that would offer him the opportunity to be the man he’d always wanted. His time in the shelter lasted two and a half years. Everyone was looking forward to a new beginning.

Bowie’s tale isn’t uncommon in the world of shelter canines. Bowie’s loving disposition and affectionate personality Bowie was an animal that would be overlooked. Even though he was the sole pet at family home, and was scared of children Bowie was a wonderful dog with a lot of love to share and was worthy of an eternal family.

Realizing the necessity for outside assistance, the shelter started an online campaign that sought to locate Bowie the perfect person to be his partner. The shelter shared Bowie’s story on social media, and captured the hearts of a lot of. The reaction was overwhelming and the shelter received 40 applications to adopt Bowie.

In the midst of all the applicants, one woman whose name was Briana attracted the attention of the shelter. Without pets or children as well as a roommate who also was also dog trainers, Briana seemed like a perfect match with Bowie. In recognition of Bowie’s sensitive character, the shelter set up to meet Bowie and Briana and hoped for an enjoyable bond.

In late August, Bowie finally embarked on his journey to his new home with Briana. The moment was filled with sheer happiness as if Bowie instinctively knew he was finally finding his forever family. The video capturing Bowie howling with joy serves as a testament to the pure love and gratitude that shelter dogs can exhibit when given a chance.

Bowie’s story speaks to the remarkable endurance and unwavering optimism of dogs in shelters. In spite of spending over 1250 days in the animal shelter Bowie didn’t give up in his quest to find a home that was loving. Thanks to the efforts of staff members at the shelter and a dedicated social media campaign and the kindness of Briana Bowie’s family, the story of Bowie is a great example to never give up and continue to advocate for animals who are in shelters that need help.

Let’s celebrate Bowie’s amazing experience and the impact in adoption through sharing this inspiring blog post with family and friends. Together, we can increase awareness of the many homeless animals waiting to get their forever home, and encourage people to think about adopting as a opportunity to make a difference in a truly deserving animal’s lives.