Dog At Shelter Shows Heart-wrenching Expression When No One Adopted Him

It always breaks our hearts to see an adorable dog left in a shelter by his supposedly forever family. However, the pups even feel more distressed to unwillingly say goodbye to their home due to unexpected situations. See the Dog in the shelter heartbroken when no one adopts him here.

Ritter and his sibling Corky were brought to the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana when their family lost their home and were unable to care for the pets. Like many other dogs, Ritter was terrified and scared when he suddenly lost his warm and beloved home.


“As many dogs are, he was petrified, nervous and heartbroken,” said Megan Bousley, marketing communications specialist for the Humane Society for Hamilton County. “They don’t understand where their family went and are confused and frightened by the new, loud environment.”

When he was left alone in the kennel, he broke everyone’s heart with his sad and confused face. All he did was stare down at the ground while sitting pressed up against the wall.


Ritter was comforted and got lots of love from everyone at the shelter, but it couldn’t be like having a forever family. “He’s gotten a lot of love and attention from staff,” Bousley shared. “While he’s reserved and nervous in his kennel, he’s full of joy outside, just wanting to play and be loved.”

Ritter’s sadness worried everyone at the shelter, so they decided to help him find a new family as soon as possible. The staff posted his photo on Facebook, hoping that a kind dog lover would show up and give Ritter what he deserved.


The post went viral with over 3,000 shares, and Sophie Spenia finally saw him and contact the center. The woman had always been wanting to have a dog for a long time. However, as she had an affinity for big pups, she waited until she moved to a house with more space. After she bought her first house, she browsed through the Humane Society for Hamilton County’s website and Facebook page every morning to find a perfect dog for herself. Eventually, she found what she wished for when she saw Ritter’s heart-wrenching picture.


“When I saw Ritter’s picture and description go up at 6 a.m. one morning, I immediately texted my sister and said we had to go bust him outta there right after work,” Spenia said. “Two hours later, my sister texted me the Facebook post that she noticed was going viral. So I told my boss the situation and he told me to clock out and get over to the shelter! He’s a dog lover, too.”
Though Spenia was concerned that the dog may find it hard to open his heart to a new family, she was over the moon when Ritter’s response was so sweet.


“The minute he came in the visitor area he jogged right on over to me and put his big cute head right in my lap and I could tell he was such a lover,” Spenia said. “I had to have him!”
After some paperwork, Ritter eventually came to his new forever home with his warmhearted mother on Thursday. He was so eager that he couldn’t stop smiling on the way home.


It’s so satisfying to see Ritter, the saddest pup at the shelter, finally regain his spirit after getting the best new mom. The rest of his days in his new forever home will definitely be filled with love and joy!

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