Bull terriers would rather be lazy and let the slaughter be mopped than take a walk. Netizens find his rebellious behavior hilarious

Walking is an essential part of life for dog owners and shit-shoving officers. However, not all dogs love to walk. Sparky, a miniature bullterrier, is often halfway through a walk when it suddenly stops using its limbs. It forced its father to use it as a mop for pulling it along the entire way.

Studies have shown that dog walking is more than just for the dog’s benefit. Even the dog owner can get exercise from the walking process. Even if Spokey doesn’t want to go for walks, his father won’t let that affect the original order. exercise program. Spokey is seen being completely dragged offscreen in the video. Spokey would rather use a mop to clean his feet than lift his feet in an effort to get his father more exercise. He really is a filial child!l