A warning to dog owners everywhere in the wake of a string of animal fatalities

Pet owners are advised to watch out for poisonous plants following its connection to a number of pets dying within Northern Ireland.

The hemlock plant is a source of alkaloids, which can harm the nervous system. It could cause breathing problems as well as paralysis, death, and even death for animals. Also, it is harmful to humans.

The root of the plant and is also called the Hemlock Water Dropwort, is the most poisonous component.

This plant was associated with the fatality of a dog that was killed in Lough Neagh in County Antrim this month.

It is believed that the dog may have had exposure to a Hemlock plant prior to its death as well as a variety of canine fatalities have been reported within the region.

An increase in the yield of the plant that is poisonous could have been due to dry conditions located in Northern Ireland.

A spokesperson from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency said that a site inspection was conducted on May 23, and “a large amount of toxic but fairly common Hemlock Water Dropwort” was discovered.

A sign has been placed on the ground in order to inform pet owners of this poisonous plant according to the governmental agency.

It was described by the agency as “perhaps one of the most poisonous native plants”.

It thrives very well throughout the northern UK as well as the Northern Ireland climate, can grow up to 10 feet in height, with small white flowers, and unhairy stem that has purple spots.

The concern has grown that this plant may be a problem for gardeners since it is easily misinterpreted as cow Parsley that can be eaten.

The poisonous hemlock plant’s toxins cause it to smell botanists are comparing it the smell of the smell of mouse urine.

In August 2021 Indiana’s Natural Resources Conservation Service warned that the plant was fast spreading throughout US backyards and parks.