What is Field Labrador? Is it American Labrador?

A field lab is an American Labrador. This breed is larger and more muscular than the English Labrador. Field trials are conducted by dogs and their owners to obtain champion certificates. These certificates can be added to the dog’s pedigree or family tree.

Types Of Labrador

English Labradors (L) and American Labradors (R)

Only one Labrador variety exists. Natural selective mating has created two types of Labradors from different breeding lines. This can cause confusion when searching for Labradors as another person may know every type of Labrador. These are the two types:

  1. English Labradors are a type of sporting dog.
  2. American Labradors and field Labradors are other names for working Labradors. They are a breed of dog that is bred to work.

A Field Labrador

Field Labrador is another name for American Labrador. Labradors are often used in the field for hunting. They are designed to excel at this task. American Labradors are Labradors that were bred in the United States. Although there may be many Labradors living in America, every American Lab is one.

How do a Show Lab and a Field Lab compare?

There are two types of Labs. There are two types of Labs: the English Lab and the Field Lab. They are different in appearance and behavior. Although the Field Lab may seem quiet at first glance, it becomes very apparent when you start to see them all. They are almost identical, just like twins.

Field Labrador Looks

Field Labs are shorter and leaner than show Labs. They are different from the back and front. They are more slimmer in the face and neck and have an easier time losing their otter tail at their ends.

Show Labradors can be bred to look just like a Labrador. Field Labradors are different because they emphasize working ability and not looks. A Lab field Labrador that does not meet the breed standard can still be considered a purebred Labrador provided it has a pedigree.

The temperament and values of Field Labrador

Field Labradors are more energetic than show Labradors and require more exercise. Field Labradors believe their dogs are smarter and can pick up new commands quicker than Labradors. They also have greater trust in their ability and confidence to work independently from their handlers. When looking for Labs to work on game shoots, people look for Labs that have these qualities. Labradors are not as loyal as show-type Labradors outside this field. Labs love to make their own decisions.

If your dog was playful and stimulated, it would be a great thing to have one. Families will be happier with dogs older than eight years of age because they are less energetic.

Field Laboratories and Field Trials

Field Labs are enthusiastic and bright. Even though you may not work in the typical manner, many owners have their dogs practice agility, scent work and retrieving exercises. They are happy and keep them busy.

Field trials are when you go hunting for animals. The animals are found in different locations. You then try to catch them. This is a popular hunt for all hunters, even professional field labs. Field trials are events that take place with hounds. These events are a chance for dogs to win titles. These titles are listed on the kennel club records.

U.S. Field Labrador Titles

There are two titles that the American Kennel Club gives to dogs: Field Champion and Amateur Field Trial Champion. The Field Champion title is one, while the Amateur Field Trial Champion title is another. If they hold one of these titles, you can see it by their name.

U.K. Field Labrador Titles

A title known as “Field Trial Champion” can be earned in the United Kingdom. It is awarded to those who excel at field trials. The Kennel Club will add “Dual Champion” to the dog’s name if it has this label. This title is awarded to dogs that are both Field Trial Champion and Show Champions. It has been many decades since Dual Champion was awarded to Labradors of show and field types.

Alternatives to U.K. Field Trial Champion Title

An FTW dog is one that has been trained to hunt and won awards. The FTW sign means that they have met all the requirements to be a Field Trial Champion. Although the title isn’t officially recognized, it indicates that they are good at hunting.

Field trials are also organized by the Gundog Club in England. Labs can participate in tests that require them to find animals. These tests can be taken by non-working Labs. They will still have fun. These tests are not part of the dog’s pedigree.

Australian Field Labrador Titles

There are two levels to Labrador titles in Australia: open and novice. These titles can be obtained by passing a test. The test is administered by the Australian National Kennel Council.

The Significance of Field Labrador Titles

Labradors are well known for their ability to work in the field, just like other breeds of retrievers. Labradors can do well in dog shows and the field. These criteria are designed to assess the natural abilities and trained talents of working retrievers and their handlers.

A Labrador puppy from a winning family is a great choice if you’re looking for someone to help in the field. It would be fun to compete with your dog in competitions. It doesn’t matter if you train your dog or take the test.

Earning Field Labrador Titles

If you are interested in field testing your Labrador Retriever, visit your local Kennel Club’s website.

The organizers are happy to demonstrate how they operate. Trainers will help people get started in the job. They will then tell you when it’s time for field trials. These skills can be learned at the Gundog Club in Great Britain.


Labradors were the first type of dog to be seen in Newfoundland. Sir Anton DeCew, an adventurer and entrepreneur originally from Ontario, went to Newfoundland. He saw a Labrador-bearing man hunting seabirds on the nearby islands.

Labradors were originally bred for outdoor work. Field Labradors are dogs that work in fields, and show Labradors in dog shows.