With Her Decaying Body, She Sat Alone At Landfill, Her Life Was Worse Than Death

A call came to Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers about a big dog, who was growing weaker every day as she had no water or food, and just staying in a landfill as a refuge.

It seemed like she had given up as her teeth were rotting out of her mouth, and her body was covered with injuries and abrasions. So, the rescuers decided to change her life forever.

They gave the dog, who was named Maya, water and food, and took her directly to the veterinarian, who found out that she suffered from anaplasma and Ehrlichia, which are both caused by parasites and ticks.

She started healing slowly, as her treatment began. Her transformation was so great as she was even adopted! What a happy ending!

Watch the video below.

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