Why Golden Retrievers Take Their Paw On You

You know the feeling of true love when your dog puts their paws on you. Why would your Golden Retriever place their paw on your face? There are many reasons your Golden Retriever may place a paw on you, such as on your knees or on your hand. All of these reasons prove Golden Retrievers to be the best dog. Continue reading to find out what dog pawing really means.

Attention is the answer

Golden Retrievers love attention and will paw at anyone who is interested. You can be sure that your Golden Retriever will paw at you and draw your attention away. What are the reasons your Golden Retriever wants your attention? These are just a few of the reasons your dog wants your attention.

They want to play

Your dog may be interested in interacting with you if they paw at your face. Your Golden Retriever may want your attention whether it’s playing, talking with them, or lying down beside them.

They want something you have

Dogs love toys. They may try to grab your toys until you give it to them. You may not be able to access their toys, but they might know where it is.

They want food

In order for Golden puppies to grow healthy, you need to pay attention to providing them with a rich source of nutrients. In which, give priority to meat, fish, and milk in your dog's daily diet. 7.1 Types of meat Meats are high in protein. In addition, there are minerals and fats. What role do they play in helping dogs to develop comprehensively the muscles and joints? So, if possible, add meat to your dog's diet every day. However, you should not give your dog too much fatty meat, but lean meat is better instead. 7.2 Fish Fish is rich in vitamins, fats, and proteins. And especially the omega 3 content is very good for the dog's eyes. At the same time, when eating fish regularly, the dog's coat is much smoother. 7.3. Milk Just like humans, Golden loves to drink milk. Milk contains many nutrients that are very good for the overall development of dogs. When your puppy is between 2 and 4 months old, give him milk every day. 7.4 Vegetables Besides meat, fish and milk, indispensable in Golden's daily meals are vegetables. This is an abundant and safe source of dietary fiber and vitamins. Moreover, vitamins and fiber are essential for the digestive system of every dog. 8. How to raise Golden Dog Raising Golden, in addition to feeding the dog full of nutrients, you need to take care of the dog's coat very carefully. At the same time, train Golden puppies from a young age. 8.1. Hair care for Golden The Golden Dog has a very long and thick coat. If you want your dog's coat to always be smooth, you need to pay attention to coat care. Golden is inherently very mischievous, so dogs often make their costumes contaminated with dirt and bacteria. If you don't pay attention, the dog's hair will be sticky. Every day, use a specialized comb to brush the dog's coat. You should bathe your dog 1 to 2 times a week. It is not necessary to shower with water, but you can use dry bath powder. If you take a shower, then after the bath, dry the dog's coat.

Your Golden Retriever might place their paws on your arm or face while you eat to indicate that they are interested in what you are eating. These dogs are highly food-motivated and may be trying to signal that they want their own food.

They want you to pet them

Dogs also desire to feel your affection and touch, just as humans do. Your Golden Retriever may paw at your arm or leg if you are busy or working. They may want to be petted, ruffled, or brushed by you.

They want to go on a walk

Dogs love to take walks. But they don’t have it without you. You might be asking yourself, “Why does my dog put his hand on my face?” It could be because he wants to take a short walk.

They want to say sorry

Golden dog – a great friend for young lotus
Golden dog – a great friend for young lotus

Dogs can’t apologize to you or turn their heads. Dogs must communicate with you using nonverbal communication to say they are sorry for what they did. Perhaps they growled at or damaged something in your house and felt the need to apologize.

They want a reward

If they are looking for a reward, your dog might paw at you. Perhaps they did something nice like sitting still when you asked them to or playing nicely with other dogs. They could be looking for a reward for doing a good deed.

Enjoy the company of a Golden Retriever today

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