“Paw Patrol Too Boring For Russian Kids,” says a video of a machine gun strapped to a dog.

The robot dog belongs to Russian tech entrepreneur Alexander Atamanov.
The robot dog belongs to Russian tech entrepreneur Alexander Atamanov.

The internet has been scared by a video of a machine gun fitted to a robotic dog shooting bullets. The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows the robotic dog racing around and firing a fully automatic machine gun connected to its back. According to the post’s description on Reddit, the video was initially released on YouTube in March by Alexander Atamanov, a Russian internet entrepreneur. The dog is also seen monitoring a residence against a snowy backdrop in the footage.

The robotic dog is then seen firing on standing targets. In a Facebook post, Mr Atamanov characterized the location as a “training field.” Near the range, an armored truck can be spotted.

Viral video of a robot dog shooting a gun is actually from Russia. The viral video of a robot dog firing an assault rifle was filmed back in March by a Russian hoverbike company founder Alexander Atamanov.
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Several bullets are fired at targets by the nimble robot. The video also includes a quick close-up of the gun’s scope to demonstrate how aiming is accomplished.

However, the robotic dog does not appear to be able to manage the gun’s recoil properly. It appears to be taking some time to regain its equilibrium.

The gun installed on the dog, according to Vice News, is Russian – the PP-19 Vityaz, a submachine gun based on the AK-74 design.

The video has sparked a debate on social media about whether such gadgets are necessary. “American paw patrol was too dull for Russian kids, so they had to do this,” said one Reddit user.

“Will not be shocked if these things are granted greater rights than citizens. Being mistakenly murdered by one “on duty” would not result in any penalty since “it’s automatic,” but destroying/disabling one is THE BIGGEST federal felony they can hurl at you “a Twitter user said

Mr. Atamov, according to his LinkedIn page, is the founder of HOVERSURF, which he created in 2014. He began his career in the aircraft sector after being born in Russia. Although Mr. Atamov’s firm is situated in San Jose, California, it is unknown where the footage of the robotic dog was shot.

Ghost Robotics revealed a comparable robot dog concept in the United States in 2021. The Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle, or SPUR, was armed with a 6.5mm Creedmoor rifle and was outfitted with sensors that allowed it to operate during both day and night.