What’s Wrong With Dogs Breathe? Causes And Treatment

The handbook helps you to know the causes, how to treat you when your dog is breathing fast, and ways to prevent your dog from breathing fast.

Dogs that show signs of shortness of breath often come from many causes such as running around too much activity and increased body temperature. So what should you do when your dog is out of breath?

What causes a dog to breathe fast?

Shortness of breath in dogs is a common condition and it is also very ordinary, the dog breathes rapidly for a short time, then the respiratory rate will return to normal. Dogs breathe between 10-30 beats/minute depending on their size and age, for a healthy dog ​​breathing in a short period of time will return to normal. However, if the dog is breathing abnormally fast, sticking out its tongue, and is exhausted, it may be one of the reasons below.

The dog has heat stroke

Dogs suffering from heat stroke or overexertion in inclement weather can lead to hyperventilation. If the weather is so hot, so many dogs have encountered this situation. To limit this situation, you need to let them be active in the late afternoon and evening and provide enough water to restrict the dog’s rapid breathing.

Dogs with respiratory problems

Dogs with tracheal stenosis: their trachea is difficult to breathe, panting, breathing is tired when running, they are too excited or active like running, or exercising.

Upper airway obstruction: this condition often causes shortness of breath, shortness of breath

Lung problems: A condition in which fluid builds up in the lungs, causing dogs to have difficulty breathing, panting, wheezing, coughing, and even showing signs of fever and fatigue. Dogs have a condition where fluid accumulates in the lungs, causing the dog to have difficulty breathing, panting, wheezing, and even showing signs of fever and fatigue.

Dogs with respiratory problems
Dogs with respiratory problems

Dogs with heart problems

Heartworm: If a dog has a heartworm infection in the heart, it will often appear panting and gasping for breath. If you see signs such as jaundice, anemia, cough, and urine accumulation in the abdominal cavity, your dog has a high chance of having heartworm.

Congestive heart failure: Dogs with heart failure are often tired, short of breath, and lethargic after intense activity. You may also lose your appetite and become less active. Dilated cardiomyopathy: Dogs show signs of fatigue, shortness of breath when exercising and refusing to eat, chronic cough, and coma.

How to treat a dog breathing fast

You should take your dog to the doctor and have a health check if the dog has mild or moderate respiratory infections, you just need to take good care of the dog’s health, supplement with reasonable nutrition, give the dog adequate medicine, Limit the dog’s exercise too much, keep the dog warm. Only after a while, the dog will recover, and the shortness of breath will be gone. During this period, you should add the necessary nutritional gel if the dog does not eat the usual food, and do not forget to add a lot of water to the dog, keep the body warm and avoid the dog from exercising too much.

If your dog has a severe respiratory infection, you should send your dog to the hospital for treatment and monitor the dog’s health. Here veterinarians will use some antibiotics to treat such as Penicillin, Streptomycin, and Kanamycin to treat your dog.

How to prevent shortness of breath for dogs

  • In the summer, long-haired dogs should be trimmed to help the dog radiate heat and provide adequate drinking water for the dog.
  • The dog’s sleeping place in the summer should be placed in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, where there is high heat, in the winter, it should be placed in a warm place, avoiding drafts.
  • Supplement a reasonable and complete diet for the dog to develop comprehensively
  • Fully vaccinated dogs to enhance immunity and resistance for dogs from an early age
  • When your dog is sick, you should give your dog foods that are easy to swallow, you can cook for them or buy milk for them.
  • In addition, you need to monitor your dog’s health regularly to recognize the causes and abnormal signs when the dog is sick.

This article has provided the causes and treatments for dogs with shortness of breath, hopefully, it is useful information for Sen to know how to handle when their dog has rapid breathing.