What to Feed Mother Dog to Get More Milk?

After giving birth, the mother dog’s body is very weak, it is necessary to have nutritious food to help the body recover and bring more milk to feed the baby.

Instructions on how to help give birth to dogs easily
Instructions on how to help give birth to dogs easily

In the newborn period, breast milk is the best source of food for puppies, the first premise to help build resistance for puppies. During this period, it is extremely important to provide a nutritious food source for the mother dog to have a lot of milk for nursing puppies.

5 types of nutrients are indispensable in the mother’s food after birth.

With any mother dog at this stage, the body also needs more nutrients than usual. The lotus needs to pay attention to ensure that there are 5 essential nutrients in the mother’s food after birth: protein, fat, starch, calcium, and water.

Protein is one of the most essential ingredients that you need to prioritize when designing a diet for a mother dog after giving birth, using foods such as eggs, chicken, meat, and beef. , pig or fish combined with a liver and other offal. This is the recommended menu for daily use and for the mother dog after going through the birthing process.

The difference in the diet after birth is the fat content, during lactation the mother dog needs a much higher amount of fat than usual (accounting for about 15% of the diet). High-fat foods can increase the concentration of fat required in milk, which is good for the development of puppies.

You can use white rice to feed the mother dog because the milk production process consumes a lot of energy and sugar from starch is one of the most abundant sources of energy. Of course, you also can’t feed the mother dog too much rice, this can make them obese.

The fiber contained in green vegetables is very good for the mother’s digestive system, but when feeding the mother, you should avoid foods such as cereals, beans and tubers that provide a lot of vegetable protein (no vegetable protein). benefits for dogs).

In addition to supplementing with nutritious food, lotus can give the mother dog milk to drink. Milk has both the necessary nutritional components and provides the amount of water to help the mother dog produce milk as naturally as possible. But the lotus should not use human milk for dogs to drink. Because in human milk contains lactose, the animal’s body does not have enough enzymes to digest, which will lead to adverse health effects.

There are many reasons why a mother dog does not have enough milk or runs out of milk.

Usually after 12 hours after birth, the mother dog can eat. However, there are many dogs that refuse to lead to weakness, not enough milk to feed puppies. Or the mother dog eats but the food source is not nutritious enough, the body will have difficulty producing milk. Especially in the new nutritional phase, the mother dog needs a lot of Protein and Calcium to help secrete milk for the puppies. Lack of water is also a reason why the mother dog’s milk is not enough.

Postpartum is a difficult and health-consuming period for the mother dog. Therefore, you should pay attention to careful care and should have a reasonable diet so that the mother dog and the puppies can develop the healthiest.