How Many Months Pregnant Do Dogs Give Birth? The Best Mother and Dog Care

Learn about the knowledge of giving birth and how to take care of them during pregnancy so that the mother dog is healthy and the puppies develop well.

Bully dog ​​classification

A few months pregnant dog is a matter of great concern to Sen. Raising a dog is not simply about feeding or playing, but when they are pregnant and how to take care of them is a matter of concern. Let’s follow today’s article with us to learn about this issue.

Signs that a dog is pregnant

Recognizing pregnant dogs by body characteristics

From 1 to 1.5 months, their nipples are enlarged and ruddy, their abdomens are enlarged and there are rapid breathing episodes.

They are often thirsty and drink water, so you should provide them with plenty of water.

The dog’s body odor becomes worse than usual, not because they haven’t bathed for a long time, but because their sweat glands secrete much stronger than usual.

Recognizing a pregnant dog based on gestures

Similar to us humans, female dogs will show signs of loss of appetite, vomiting, and sometimes skipping meals. In the last weeks of pregnancy, dogs will appear around the house to sniff and find an ideal place to lay.

What is the Standard Menu for Pregnant Dogs?

How many months pregnant do dogs give birth?

Unlike us humans, when pregnant for 9 months and 10 days, dogs have an average period of about 58 to 62 days, maybe earlier or as long as 65 days. Like all mammals, after the puppies are born, the mother dog breastfeeds and cares for the puppies for a few months, with the help of other family members, at this time the mother will become a mother. should be ferocious.

In some small dog breeds with little pregnancy such as Japan, Beijing, Chihuahua, etc., their pregnancy will last for more than 2 months because they have small bodies and are less likely to get pregnant.

How to take care of a pregnant dog

During pregnancy, it is essential to provide the dog with adequate nutrients, if provided with enough nutrients, both the mother dog and the puppies will be born safely. During a full 6 week period, the mother dog’s nutrition is as normal.

Around the time the dog is 6 weeks old, this is the time when you should give your puppy a lot of nutrients because this is their development period. You should give your dog several meals (about 4-5 meals). Do not increase the amount of food but keep the same amount of meals as 2 meals/day, you can add protein-containing foods such as beef, and duck eggs and only feed once a week. Prioritize foods rich in calcium, calories, protein, and phosphorus.

During the 3rd to 7th week, you can bathe them to keep them clean, but be sure to gently pat the dog. During the last stage of pregnancy and about 1 month after giving birth, you should not bathe them because they are prone to colds and miscarriage.

Instructions on how to help give birth to dogs easily
Instructions on how to help give birth to dogs easily

Pregnant dog – Notes when the dog is pregnant

  • You must not take an X-ray or ultrasound of a pregnant dog, X-rays can only identify the baby after 45 days, after 25 days we can determine whether the dog is pregnant or not.

  • It is important to know how long the dog will give birth to the owner to have suitable options, if the dog has not given birth for too long, you can ask a highly qualified doctor to have a baby. Timely measures.

  • Dogs can have a false pregnancy: they appear to be pregnant but in fact the dog’s conception is not taking place (mating but not fertilization).

  • In order for the mother dog to give birth safely, the mother dog needs to be isolated from other dogs in the house. Avoid contact with other animals outside. The mother dog needs a reasonable exercise and exercise regimen.

This article is information to help you know how many months pregnant dogs are and how to take care of them. Hopefully, through this article, you will know how to take care of them during pregnancy for good health. Let’s look forward to the necessary and interesting knowledge in the next articles!

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