What should I do when my pet dies?

For the owner, if the pet has an illness or needs treatment, it is not as sad as when the baby, unfortunately, passes away. Pets are not just household objects, they are family members. Besides the grief when the four-legged friend passes away, the owner will surely have a lot of questions when the baby dies like what should they do?

To bury pets in your family

If your family or friends or relatives have a garden and agree to let you bury your baby there, that’s great. You can choose to make a tombstone or not.

Does Vietnam have a pet burial law?

There are currently no laws governing pet burial in Vietnam, as long as the landowner agrees to let you bury them. Only law prohibits throwing dead animals in public.

Ways to bury:

  1. Dig a deep hole Dig a hole deep
    enough to prevent the baby’s body from being dug up by other animals. Dig 1 to 2 meters deep.
  2. Place a towel laced with abrasive chemicals underneath the baby’s body
    Just burying your baby in the ground won’t help her body decompose. A chemical towel should be placed to help decompose the baby’s body.
  3. After mulching, the soil should be 30cm higher than the surrounding soil.
    If you cover the baby level with the surrounding area, after it rains, that area will get lower and lower. Make sure the soil layer in the burial area is 30cm higher than the surrounding area.
  4. Place rocks on top.
    Otherwise, wild animals may dig up.

Service for pets after death in European countries

In European countries, Post-Death Pet Services exist – this name includes all services related to the post-mortem cleaning of a pet’s carcass. Primarily burying and/or cremation – the two main methods of disposing of pet remains, it also includes a service to erect gravestones and memorials. No matter which service the owner chooses, the purpose of the Post-Dead Pet Service is to give the owner the opportunity to say goodbye to the pet in a respectful and emotional way.

When choosing to bury or burn, there is no right or wrong here. Both methods have pros and cons. Instead of evaluating objectively, judge subjectively from your point of view. Which method will be more suitable for you, your family, and your pet?

To make it easier for you to choose, let’s take a look at the two methods

Burn the body

Pet cremation is done similarly to humans, so there are pros and cons similar to humans. Let’s take a look at the most common advantages of this approach.

Advantages of cremation

Economic benefits: burial is quite expensive. While some countries allow you to bury your pet in your garden, others mandate that you bury them only in pet cemeteries, which is almost always quite expensive. When compared in terms of economic benefits, cremation is a much more economical burial method than pet burial.

Easy: although the word cremation sounds complicated, it is not. There are many places that offer pet cremation services, and your veterinarian can recommend them if you have a need. You just need to prepare the simplest jobs and this service company will take care of the rest for you.

Many people assume that memorials or memorial items such as steles are only for pet burials; but really not. You can still hold a memorial service, or even engrave a stone tablet or other memorial items to remind your pet’s memory, when choosing a cremation service. Sometimes, an urn of a pet’s ashes is sometimes more reminiscent of a happy memory than a cold headstone. A decorated urn is a pleasant option and brings back more happy memories, especially for children.

Pet Burial

Burial is perhaps the most “traditional” method. But why would you choose this expensive burial service instead of cremation?

Advantages of burial

Pets will have an actual burial site: choosing a burial means you’ll have a real place of memory, where you can visit and feel closer to your deceased four-legged friend. Whether buried in a pet cemetery or in the garden, having a sacred area to visit after a pet’s death will help the owner feel more comfortable. Many pet owners choose this form of burial so that they can visit their pet conveniently and comfortably when they want, as well as you have a jar of their baby’s ashes at home, which can be with & memorialize the pet. everyday.

Sometimes burial is not expensive: the price of burial services varies, depending on the needs and services of the providers. This means that you can choose a burial service at a fairly reasonable price, as long as you search and choose wisely, there are many ways to bury your baby at a completely acceptable price.


When your pet, both a family member/beloved child/best friend, passes away, this is a moment of grief. You can choose between burial or cremation (keeping or not keeping the ashes). In the end, the beautiful and happy memories between your pet and family will be the best memories that will stay forever.