What is the Standard Menu for Pregnant Dogs?

A normal dog will be pregnant for 58-63 days. This period is divided into three milestone periods: early pregnancy, mid-pregnancy, and late pregnancy. What is the menu for pregnant dogs to pay attention to?

What is the Standard Menu for Pregnant Dogs?
What is the Standard Menu for Pregnant Dogs?

Menu for pregnant dogs at the beginning of pregnancy

Your daily meal should allocate 29% protein and 17% fat.

During this time, hormonal changes will make dogs more prone to anorexia, you should choose a dog food with a delicious taste, and soft texture to stimulate eating.

Menu for pregnant dogs mid-pregnancy 

This is the period from 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy. This is the period of great development of the fetus, so Sen should increase the Boss’s diet from 15% -30% to feed both the mother dog and the puppy. During this period, Sen should supplement the mother dog with dog foods that contain a lot of protein, rich in fiber, and especially need iron supplements to avoid anemia.

The menu at the end of pregnancy for pregnant dogs

At weeks 7-9, the mother dog eats quite erratically. At first, he will eat a lot, but as he gets closer to labor, Boss will eat very little. Compared to the first period, the last cycle of pregnant dogs needs to be loaded with 30-50% more calories. Soft, easy-to-digest, and easy-to-digest pregnant dog foods such as pate, bonus soup will be the first choice.

Important notes when taking care of pregnant dogs

  • Provide high-calorie, high-fat, calcium and phosphorus-rich dog food for the mother dog.
  • Protein intake during this period needs to be supplemented more for the puppy to grow healthy.
  • Supplementing with foods rich in DHA helps stimulate the development of the puppy’s nervous system.
  • Provide more iron during pregnancy to raise healthy babies.
  • It is advisable to take the mother dog to the veterinarian for regular check-ups and antenatal check-ups.
  • Hygiene, clean bathing for the mother dog to prevent ticks and lice during the maternity cycle.