Video Captured The Attack Of A Pack Stray Dogs Upon A Girl From Astrakhan.

The footage shows the child running away from the dogs in fear, and his cries can be heard. Social media users were again furious about homeless animals after the video was published.

Astrakhan was almost a tragedy, where stray dogs were again involved. A little girl was chased by stray dogs in the backyard of a nearby residential building. After the footage was posted online, the CCTV camera captured the incident.

The footage shows the girl running away from the dogs in fear while her cries and pleas are heard. Other schoolgirls are watching and are divided on whether to save the girl or help her overcome by fear. The baby managed to escape the predators, but it was a good thing.

Social media users went wild after the video was posted. Some expressed their anger at the inaction by the authorities and trapping service, while others offered their suggestions and thoughts regarding the shooting of stray animal.

To city administration, experts have already arrived on the scene and caught nine stray dogs along Zelenaya Street. The authorities also noted that work would continue.

According to Life, dog attacks on residents in Russia have been increasing in recent years. Two small children were attacked by stray dogs in Sakhalin. A six-year old boy was protected from being bitten by a thick jumpsuit. But a four year-old girl was bitten multiple times on her face by the mongrel. in Yakutsk saw a man fight off a pack dogs and strangle one of them with his naked hands . Transbaikalia was the scene of the tragedy: on January 22, in Domna, a seven year-old girl was attacked by a pack of dogs as she returned from music school.