Three Reasons Why You Should Microchip Your Dog Now

Why wait to microchip your pet? There’s never a better time to microchip pets. You can learn how microchips work as well as why it’s important to do so.

What is a dog microchip?

The dog microchip, which is about the size of one grain of rice, is a small piece of tech that is inserted under a dog’s skin. It is usually placed between the dog’s shoulder blades.

The microchips have a unique code that’s recorded in the database of the manufacturer. You can add your contact details (name, email, phone, and address) to the microchip numbers on each manufacturer’s website.

How do microchips for dogs work? Microchip readers are available in all veterinary clinics and animal shelters. By waving this reader near the dog’s chip, a professional can read the number without causing any harm to the dog.

Then, they can run this through a database search where your information is displayed as long as you have registered.

Here are 3 reasons to microchip your dog now that you understand how they work.

The microchips in dogs can save lives

A dog microchip can help you reunite with your pet in the event of an unfortunate separation.

Your dog will always have an identification card that can be used to find them if they get lost, are stolen, or end up in a shelter. Just make sure you keep the information in your online profile up to date.

The lives of “stray” dogs who aren’t microchipped can be saved by having them microchipped.

It’s Easy to Implant a Microchip

Microchipping dogs can be performed during an appointment with a veterinarian. It is a quick outpatient procedure, which takes no more than five seconds.

The microchip will be injected into the skin with an injection needle after cleaning it with alcohol. This is similar to a vaccine. Other dogs may react by yipping and jumping in reaction to being injected.

You can prepare mentally and emotionally to remain calm if you are aware that your pet may cry. This will help calm down your dog. It will end before you realize it, as veterinary professionals enjoy relaxed clients.

If your dog is distracted with treats, he may not even notice that the injection has taken place! Bring some delicious treats for your dog to distract him, or you can ask the staff at the vet’s office if there are any treats available.

Microchips, once implanted in your dog’s skin, are considered painless and cause very few side effects. Microchips are usually not felt beneath the skin unless your pet is small and has thin skin.

It is inexpensive to microchip a dog

What is the value of your peace of mind? You can get your dog some peace of mind between $25 and $50.

You can save money on microchips if you know that June is National Pet Microchipping Month. This means local shelters and clinics are offering specials.

You can also search for mobile clinics in your area that will offer to microchip your pet at a discounted price.

The dog microchip is guaranteed to function for as long as the animal lives. It does not need batteries, or any other maintenance. You only have to update your details on the registry online if you change phone numbers or move.

Microchipping provides peace of mind to every dog owner. Get your dog chipped now!