Dog Dragged By A Car Loses His Back Leg And Becomes A Tripod Pup

Pietie was hit and dragged by a car, resulting in a serious injury to his back leg.

His owners, who lived in a small township in South Africa, loved Pietie and wanted to do anything they could to save him.

He wasn’t injured from abuse but from an accident. It’s not that his family didn’t want to save him, they just couldn’t afford the veterinary care that Pietie needed.

So, they called Sidewalk Specials

Sidewalk Specials was more than happy to take Pietie in and get him to the veterinarian. As they explained, it’s sometimes a lack of a means,

not a lack of love, that pushes people to surrender their pets rather than get them care.

Thankfully, Sidewalk Specials was happy to get Pietie the help he needed.

Once at the veterinarian, it was determined that Pietie’s leg couldn’t be saved.

He would need to have an amputation, but the vet was convinced he would recover and be able to live a full life as a “tripod” dog.

Once Pietie was on the mend and adjusting to life with three legs instead of four, Sidewalk Specials decided to reunite the pup with his family in the township.

While some organizations would’ve kept the dog and adopted him into another home, Sidewalk Specials wanted to reward the family for being loving owners and give them a part of their family back – their pup.

The family was overjoyed to be reunited with Pietie and see that he was doing ok! It seems Pietie was equally happy to be home, even if he returned home with one less leg.

Check out the video below:

Warning: The following video contains graphic imagery