The dog trainer cited some myths regarding huge dogs.

Cynologist Golubev said that not all large breeds of dogs are suitable for the role of watchmen

German shepherd and miniature schnauzer puppy. Archive photo
German shepherd and miniature schnauzer puppy. Archive photo

Large dogs must be walked exclusively with a muzzle and cannot be maintained in an apartment – this is a widespread but incorrect point of view, according to Vladimir Golubev, President of the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF).

“Those who have never had animals in the house typically manufacture myths about enormous dogs.” It is incorrect to discuss the personality or habits of dogs only based on their size. “The sole reality is that the dog’s conduct or attitude toward a human is independent of its size,” Golubev remarked.

“How a pet grows up is determined by a competent attitude to its development. There are numerous ill-mannered tiny dogs who may act considerably worse than their larger counterparts. And it’s not the dog’s fault; accountability is always on the owner’s shoulders,” he explained.

The dog’s amazing size can be frightening, and it appears that such a pet is more likely to bite someone, but according to the legislation, only owners of potentially dangerous dog breeds are required to walk a dog in a muzzle and on a leash. Akbash, Ambuldog, American Bandog, Brazilian Bulldog, Purebred Alapaha Bulldog, Bully Kutta, Bandog, Gul-Dong, Pit Bull, North Caucasian dogs, wolf-dog hybrids, and wolfdogs, as well as hybrids and mestizos of these breeds, are examples of these.

“Dogs of these breeds can only be walked in fenced areas owned by the owner, and a warning sign must be put at the entrance to this area. As a result, if a Doberman walks on a leash in a permitted area, the owner is not compelled to wear a muzzle on him “Golubev said.

He assuaged people who say huge canines are not appropriate for families with children. The major role is provided by the pet’s personality traits rather than its size. Furthermore, if you have a delicate little dog in a home with a youngster, there is a chance that the child will inadvertently hurt the pet during the game. A dog that is particularly friendly, easy to play with, fairly active, and does not require special care is ideal for a youngster, according to the dog handler.

He also stated that lively and difficult-to-keep canines would not be suited for apartment life. However, the proposals are quite conditional in this regard. According to him, a huge dog in an open-air cage on the street does not even go out into the yard for walks, yet the same dog living in an apartment gets enough physical activity every day and feels extremely comfortable. At the same time, inhabitants of compact flats with huge dogs should keep in mind that the pet will want its own space as well as regular energetic walks.

“Some people wrongly believe that a huge dog is required for the function of a guard dog: the larger, the better. This, however, is incorrect; not all members of huge and enormous breeds are appropriate for this task. Service dogs are ideally suited for this task since they learn information fast and may be good protectors of their master’s home “Golubev mentioned another misconception.