The Detailed Labrador Retriever Growth Chart That You Should Follow

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The Labrador Retriever is the most beloved dog breed. It has been loved by Americans for decades. Perhaps one of them has already captured your heart. Do you plan on adopting a Labrador puppy or are you already an owner? Are you curious about what height he will get? What will your Labrador Retriever weigh? The Labrador growth chart shows you how Labradors have gotten in weight over the years, from puppyhood through adulthood. These numbers do not reflect the average weight of Labrador Retrievers. Discuss with your veterinarian the appropriate height and weight of your puppy for her body type.

Labrador Retrievers are wonderful family dogs. They are considered to be a medium-sized to large breed. Our veterinarian, provided information about the average size and weight of Labradors as they age. This will help you to determine how big your Labrador may grow. Our Labrador weight chart by age shows how quickly lab puppies grow. You can also use the Lab dog-weight estimator, which allows you to enter your puppy’s gender, breed, birthdate, weight, and current weight to estimate how big your puppy will grow.

Transcript of the Labrador Retriever Growth Chart

Labrador Retriever – Age Male Weight Female weight
2 months old
3 Months old
4 Months old
5 Months old
6 Months old
7 Months old
8 Months old
9 Months old
Ten months old
11 Months old
12 Months old
Fully grown
10 to 15 lb
20-30 lbs
30-40 lbs
35-45 lbs
40-55 lbs
50-60 lbs
50-65 lbs
55-70 lbs
55-70 lbs
60-75 lbs
65-80 lbs
65-80 lbs
5-10 lbs
20-25 lb
25-35 lbs
30-40 lb
35-45 lbs
40-50 lbs
40-55 lbs
45-60 lbs
50-60 lbs
55-65 lbs
55-70 lbs
55-70 lbs

You want to be a good pet dad, whether your Labrador Retriever puppy has just arrived or is already snuggled up in your lap. This Labrador Retriever puppy size chart will give you an approximate idea of a Lab puppy from 8 weeks old up to an adult Labrador Retriever. This chart distinguishes males from females. It also includes the height of a fully grown Labrador measured at the shoulders.

The Lab puppy weight chart displays the average Lab puppy weight from 2 months to 12 months. A Lab puppy aged 4 months is approximately 30-40 pounds. For a male, it’s about 25-35 pounds. This is the average Labrador’s total size. To help you determine if your Labrador is reaching his full potential, monitor his growth. Doing so helps you and your veterinarian keep your puppy healthy.

Is there a difference in the sizes of Labradors

The Labrador retriever is one of six types that the American Kennel Club (or AKC) classifies as part of the Sporting Group. Every retriever breed comes in different colors, sizes, and coats. The Labrador retriever breed is the largest. An adult male can weigh 80 pounds. The Labrador is the largest retriever breed, weighing in at around 80 pounds. The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, also affectionately called “The Toller”, is smaller, weighing in at 30 pounds.

The Labrador Retriever breed is friendly, outgoing, and laid back.

Labrador Retrievers can vary in size because of individual variation and external influences such as how much or how often they exercise their diet or other health conditions that could affect their appetites or growth. A retriever should aim to achieve a score of 5 out 9 on the body condition score regardless of their actual weight. A Labrador of healthy size has an obvious abdominal tuck and visible waist when viewed from the sides and top.

What happens when labs stop growing?

The AKC considers Lab pups to be adults when they reach 12-18 months old. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Larger dogs take longer to grow than smaller dogs. Labrador Retriever puppies, however, grow at the same pace as large dogs.

Labs are similar to other large breeds of dogs and go through several stages from puppyhood to adulthood. Our lab puppy weight chart shows that Labrador puppies typically gain between 10 and 15 pounds per month in the initial months. Then, they will average 5 to 6 pounds per month until they reach adulthood. Due to lack of data, the average Labrador Retriever adult height is between 22-24 inches at the shoulder.

Based on breed-standard measurements and other averages, the AKC estimates that Labradors reach 60% of their full size by the time they turn six months. The average Labrador stops growing at 18 months. These figures are dependent on the puppy getting top-notch care, excellent nutrition, and adequate exercise.

How do I know how big my Labrador will grow?

It is difficult to predict your Lab puppy’s full-grown weight accurately. However, you can refer to the Labrador size chart and the official breed standards established by the AKC for a rough estimate. These numbers may be affected by health, nutrition, and breeding practices.

Many veterinarians track a puppy’s growth based on their weight, age, body condition score, and weight. To get an idea of whether your dog is healthy, you can use our dog weight chart sorted by breed and age.

Predictor for Labrador Puppy Size & Weight

What size are Labradors when they reach full maturity? This Labrador weight calculator will help you estimate how large your Labrador will grow. There are some dogs that will not fit these criteria. The Waltham Petcare Science Institute provides puppy growth charts that veterinarians can use with clients. Waltham uses data from over 50,000 healthy young dogs in order to establish a healthy weight range. This is different than the AKC which relies on breed-standard weights. These charts can be used by your veterinarian to track the growth of your Lab puppy.

Calculations for the puppy weight calculator use the American Kennel Club database of adult dog heights and weights. Below, enter your puppy’s age and weight.