‘Sweetheart’ Dog ‘Put Out with the Trash’ by Previous Owner Finds Loving New Home

A dog in North Carolina went from rags to riches within a week.

On Sept. 7, sanitation workers in North Carolina found Moe-Moe, a 4-year-old American bulldog mix, in an animal crate, discarded next to several piles of trash for pick-up. Worried about the dog’s well-being, the workers called animal control for help.

“Moe-Moe was literally put out with the trash,” the Hoke County Animal Shelter in Raeford, North Carolina, which took over care of the canine from animal control, wrote on Facebook about the dog’s abandonment.

“Thankfully, the guys that pick up the trash called Animal Control and were kind enough to give him some water with ice while they waited,” the shelter added.

The post about Moe-Moe’s sad situation included several photos. In one shot, Moe-Moe looks out of his carrier, surrounded by at least five piles of bags of trash, an old scooter, and a plastic bin with a chew toy on top. The shelter also included two happier photos of Moe-Moe smiling happily outdoors after his rescue.

Rescue dog thrown with trash is adopted by new owner
Moe-Moe the dog left out with the garbage before his rescue by the Hoke County Animal Shelter in North Carolina.HOKE CO. ANIMAL SHELTER/FACEBOOK

“… I can’t imagine what he’s feeling right now,” the organization added in its original post about Moe-Moe, noting that the pup was “such a sweetheart.”

The Hoke County Animal Shelter concluded its post about Moe-Moe by informing followers that the housebroken dog is “great” with children and other dogs.

The dog’s heartwrenching story went viral on Facebook, garnering over 1.3k shares and more than 400 comments.

Five days later, Moe-Moe’s new fame helped him land a home. In a Facebook update posted on Sept. 12, the North Carolina shelter confirmed that the dog had been adopted.

“I know many of you were worried about Moe-Moe. The sweetest boy who was put out with the trash,” the animal shelter began its update post. “We’re happy to announce that he got a wonderful home today.”

The shelter described Moe-Moe’s new owner as “the sweetest,” adding that the adopter has regularly updated the facility on the dog’s new life.

“He’s already enjoying his big beautiful backyard and his new home,” the shelter shared alongside photos of Moe-Moe in the car with his new “mom” and smiling happily in his new home.

“Thank you to everyone who shared his story and to all the folks that helped him on this journey and especially to his new sweet family,” the Hoke County Animal Shelter added, noting that it had several other animals still looking to be adopted.