Something About Golden Retriever Which Only Owners Understand

The Golden Retriever, a friendly and family-friendly dog, is very popular. They are sweet, intelligent, hard-working, and exuberant. They excel at all they do, be it hunting, guide dogs or companions. They are the third most loved dog in the country.

Golden Retriever owners will tell you how much they love their dog. There are many reasons to love your Golden Retriever, but these are 10 things that all Golden owners know.

1. They are easy to train and love to please. They’ll train you, too. If you don’t pay enough attention, they will remind you that you can do anything you want while you pet them.

2. You know that playtime is always available for your Golden. It doesn’t matter what your age, your dog will play with you. Goldens, children, dogs, and puppies are all lovers.

3. Because they love you, they will often seek to be close to you. This means that unless you clarify, the couch is not off-limits. You can snuggle your puppy all day.

4. A Golden is a dog that’s always up for the adventure. They are always looking forward to the next adventure, no matter if it’s hunting or hiking, or taking part in sports such as obedience, rally, and agility.

5. Golden puppies make the most adorable puppies. You showed everyone your dog’s picture as a puppy so they could admire his adorableness. Nothing is better than a little bit of Golden fluff.

6. Your dog will eat almost anything. It does not have to be food. You have to be cautious, as Goldens will eat whatever you give them.

7. Although you may feel your dog is a dead end, you know that he’s extremely intelligent and can be trained to do anything. You can teach your dog tricks or comfort patients in the hospital. Or just wait for a treat. You can teach your golden to do anything!

8. You will find furry tumbling through your kitchen. Accessorize your furniture and clothes with a layer of golden hair. This is the reality of a Golden Retriever.

9. The best pillows are made of goldens. They are so friendly and want to spend time with their loved ones. They love to cuddle.

Golden dog's coat is very long and soft
Golden dog’s coat is very long and soft

10. It could take you 20 minutes to get back, or it could take you the entire day. You know that you will return home to Golden smiles, regardless of how long it takes.