[Review] Corgi – Quite Gentle And Very Obedient Dog

The Corgi is a beautiful breed of dog that is very popular in the world. In Vietnam, they also occupy an important place in the hearts of pet lovers. Corgi is a quite gentle and very obedient dog, listening to the owner. Therefore, she is suitable to live with emotional people. If you are still wondering about buying a Corgi dog , then read the article below to know the reasons to keep a Corgi dog and when not to keep this breed.

Reasons to raise a Corgi dog – Why should a Corgi dog?

If someone asks what is the reason for having a Corgi dog , there are really many answers to this question. Corgis not only have a cute appearance, but also have very good personality traits that not many dogs have. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular reasons to keep a Corgi dog below.

Breeding a Corgi dog for companionship

The Corgi dog is very affectionate and sincere. So, if you are looking for a dog for company, then Corgi is a perfect choice. They are extremely friendly with people. Corgi enjoys playing with children and shows great interest in them. Corgi can walk with the owner, cuddle with him all day without wanting to leave. They are like a tail that always follows us. In particular, Corgi loves to be petted and patted by their owner. When playing with dogs, don’t forget to pet or comfort them. Surely Corgi will be very interested and grow closer to you.

With this feature, Corgi is also chosen to raise by lonely elderly people. This is truly an ideal friend for the rest of their lives. Corgi dog is hyperactive, always has very cute actions and expressions. That makes the house become full of life and always have laughter. Not only that, they really like being with the owner, and listening to your confidants.

Reasons to raise a Corgi dog – Having fun with children

There is a characteristic in most hyperactive dog owners that they love to play with children. This is almost an instinct of these guys. Children are innocent and have silly actions that make the Corgi very excited. The face of the Corgi dog has gentle and friendly features. That makes children excited, not scared like other fierce dogs. If you have a young member in your family, this is the reason for adopting a Corgi dog .

Corgi dogs will play for you and take care of children like a real nanny. You can rest assured because Corgi is a dog that is hyperactive but also very restrained. They will not be unreasonably aggressive or hurt children. You may not know, Corgi is in the top 10 of the most suitable dogs to play with children. Corgi dogs are trained from a young age, so they have a very good character, almost never biting others. The case of biting people only happens to dogs of unknown origin and not properly trained since childhood.

Breeding Corgi dogs to guard and protect

One of the reasons to raise a Corgi dog is that they can be on guard duty, protecting your home. Although this is not the most perfect choice for guard duty. Big Pitbulls or other fierce dogs will be more suitable for this job. However, if you have a Corgi dog at home, you can also use them for this job.

The Corgis have small bodies and gentle facial expressions that cannot frighten thieves. But they have a more powerful weapon. That is a very loud bark like a loudspeaker. With this strong voice, they will alert the owner that a stranger is entering your family area. In addition, the Corgi dogs can also catch harmful rodents such as mice, foxes, ferrets, etc. With their small bodies, they can wriggle in anywhere to pull out wise mice. best.

In which case should you not keep a Corgi dog?

Besides the reasons to keep a Corgi dog , there are also reasons not to have a Corgi dog. If you want to raise a Corgi dog, you must ensure the conditions for the Corgi to live and develop best. If you do not have enough time or effort, then it is best not to raise Corgi. So in what cases should you not keep a Corgi dog?

Are you a busy person?

No matter what kind of pet you have, you must spend your time taking care of them. If you do not have time to take care of it, it is best not to raise it. Because if you buy a Corgi dog, you will have to spend a large amount of money. If you don’t take care of him properly, just leave him alone, the risk of the dog getting sick, the dog getting sick will be very high. At that time, you will both lose money and lose your dog.

Things to do when raising a Corgi . dog

If you want to raise a Corgi, you will have to spend 25-30 minutes a day for the dog because this breed is very active, wants to be active and play often. You have to take the dog out for a walk every day. This not only helps your dog to be mentally comfortable, happy, but also trains the dog’s health. Being outside regularly will help the Corgi’s skeleton grow. You will own a beautiful Corgi dog .

Caring for Corgi dogs also takes a lot of your time and effort. You will have to learn about your dog’s diet. How to clean Corgi or how to take care of pruning dogs. In addition, you must take your dog to a medical facility for regular deworming and vaccinations. Corgi is like a child, it needs to be cared for and cared for in order for the dog to grow up healthy and active.

Besides, you will have to train Corgi dogs . This is a long process that requires persistence and focus. Only in this way can the Corgi have good habits and lifestyle as well as possess outstanding personalities. For example, just one lesson to train the dog to go to the toilet in the right place, you also have to spend at least 1-2 weeks. Therefore, if you are a busy person, raising a Corgi dog is not very satisfactory.

If you are a person who hates barking dogs, you should not own a Corgi. Because she is a dog that barks a lot. Moreover, the volume of her barking is also quite loud. Corgis like to bark constantly, sometimes persistently in spite of it. They only stop when the owner reminds them. If you are a lover of tranquility, you will surely have a headache, even go crazy because of this breed.

Therefore, when raising Corgi dogs, people must train the dog to stop barking at the command of the owner. If you skip this training, you will probably have a very bitter ending. Corgi dogs can bark at night, making it difficult for you and your neighbors to sleep. The reasons for Corgi barking are very basic such as the dog is not allowed to go out to play, a stranger has entered the house, wants to attract the attention of the owner or another dog. And sometimes, they bark just out of passion. If you are a person who does not like the sound of dogs barking, you should not choose Corgi.

You have no patience

he reasons for raising a Corgi dog are many, the reasons for not being able to raise a Corgi are equally many. For a person who has no patience, keeping a Corgi dog is completely inappropriate. Corgi training takes time. Because Corgi dogs are intelligent but very stubborn. Maybe the dog understands your commands, understands your wishes, but doesn’t want to follow them. This will drive you crazy. But at such times, we need to be calm and patient, absolutely not to get angry. Corgi likes soft, doesn’t like hard, the more they punish, the more stubborn they become.

If you really want to raise a Corgi, you have to make sure that you have enough patience and patience to be able to train, shape and accompany the dog for a long time. Your training will certainly not be in vain. Your Corgi will become obedient, helpful and obedient to its owner. If you are not at home and Corgi has taken the opportunity to “rock” your house, show an angry attitude to let the dog know he did wrong.


The above are the reasons for raising a Corgi dog as well as the cases where you should not keep a Corgi dog. If you find yourself eligible and want to own a cute pet Corgi, come to Dogily Petshop to bring yourself a Corgi to live with.