Perth woman seriously injured after mauling by pet Rottweilers

A woman has been seriously injured, and could lose a limb, after being mauled by two of her Rottweilers at a home in a southern Perth suburb.

Police say there were forced to shoot one of the dogs due to the “ongoing risk to human life” after responding to the incident at 4.35pm yesterday at a residence in Success, about 20km south of Perth.

As they arrived, police saw the two dogs mauling the 31-year-old woman inside her home.

Police said the dog they shot sustained serious injuries, while the second dog was secured in the garage until local rangers arrived and seized both animals.

A suburban street showing a row of identical units

Police were called out to a home in Pitta Corner in Success just after 4.30pm on Saturday.(Google Maps)

The victim was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital by St John Ambulance for treatment of serious bite wounds to her arms and legs.

A hospital spokesperson said the woman remained in a serious condition on Sunday morning, and there was a “chance” she could lose one of her limbs.

The City of Cockburn, which is the local government for the Success area, is investigating the incident.