Mythical Sensitivity in Dogs: True or False?


Amazing canine senses are on full display. They are more attuned to subtleties than humans because of their superior sense of smell and ability to hear at high frequencies. In fact, they have the such acute perception that they can detect and interpret the Earth’s unseen magnetic fields. The idea that dogs could have a heightened ability to detect the paranormal is therefore not completely out of the question.

Although this is a subjective matter that depends on your own beliefs about the afterlife, there is a fair amount of literature and study on the topic of dogs’ alleged capacity to perceive the paranormal. There may not be hard evidence, but it’s plausible a dog has a sixth sense for the ethereal.

How to tell whether your dog is psychic

If you think dogs can feel the supernatural and you believe in an afterlife, then there are a few things to keep an eye out for. Watch out if your dog seems fixated on one particular area. They might be looking blankly at a wall or the ceiling. It’s possible that they’re picking up on something you’re missing.

If your dog sees anything that doesn’t belong, such as another animal or a human, it may bark, whine, growl, snarl, weep, or whimper. There could be something there if they start barking or wailing out of the blue and looking at a certain area.

Some dogs may playfully roll about on their backs as though they are playing with nothing if the spirit they are seeing is one that is loving and joyful. It’s possible that your dog will behave as if they are conversing with a third party, just as it would with a human. Maybe they are stroking their paws together to simulate rubbing against a human leg. Each of these might be indications that your dog is picking up on a spiritual presence.