Cat With One Nostril Has Her Dream Come True for the Holidays After Being Found on Construction Site

A ginger cat with one nostril is so happy to have her dream come true this holiday season.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Earlier December, Tara Kay, founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts was contactedaout a cat needing rescue. “I got a call from a local shelter, and they said the cat had just one nostril,” Tara told Love Meow.

The shelter didn’t have the resources to keep her and was seeking help for the 3-year-old feline who had been rescued as a stray.

“I found out she was found on a construction site in a pile of rocks and sand. They asked if I could take her. I said, of course I would.”

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The sweet kitty was born with a chromosome abnormality along with one nostril. She sniffs extra loud and her eyes go in different directions.

The ginger girl arrived at the cat sanctuary a few days ago, and she was an instant purr-machine.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

After a bit of exploring, she settled into her new abode. They named her Toast and quickly discovered her love for chin rubs.

Despite being a bit different, she is happy, healthy, very curious and has a big personality.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

“She purrs the instant you pet her, and she head-butts and just wants to be loved,” Tara said. “She is so tiny weighing about five pounds.”