Mother Dog Abandoned by Owner, both Legs Crushed by Train, but Still Tries to Care for 4 Small Pups

Witnessing the tragic situation of abandoned stray dogs is always heartbreaking, and you can’t help but cry. However, we don’t always come across a mother dog as brave, resilient, and protective of her children as Si Bao.

This dog was once a pet, but after being “mercilessly abandoned” by its owner, she was involved in a tragic accident in which her hind legs were crushed by a train. Si Bao’s life seemed hopeless until she gave birth to four extremely beautiful and healthy puppies, who almost became the driving force behind this poor mother dog’s life.

Si Bao regained her spirit and always maintained a resilient and strong attitude to take care of her children after regaining the joy of living in life after having children. Si Bao walked on two front legs, keeping a close eye on the young children.

Not content with that, Si Bao’s luck continued to smile when the Jill Robinson-founded charity Animals Asia rescued his family and turned this brave mother dog into an animal ambassador. As a result, Si Bao has been taken to the location where the organization’s headquarters is located, where he can enjoy a new life with his child, rather than having to work hard to make a living with the scraps of food that passengers throw away at the railway track. Muddie is his only survivor.

Furthermore, Si Bao has been renamed Lelly, and she is preparing to install prosthetic legs made of wheels to make her to move more freely. When the organization discovered Lelly’s four puppies, three of them died of high fever, leaving only Muddie.

Lilly is now enjoying the high life as an Animals’s “Asia animal” ambassador.

Even though she is only a small dog, Lelly is a great example of an indomitable spirit that does not succumb to adversity.