Man With Limbs Resembling Dinosaurs Reveals Ancient Traces, Astounding Scientists

Tree man, caused by HPV infection. The reason is that HPV can drive hyperplasia of the infected skin cells. (Although HPV can stimulate the proliferation of host cells, not all HPV strains are associated with cancer)

Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, or SSPE, is a rare condition of measles infection. It occurs in one in ten thousand of measles cases, but young babies have a much higher risk. Patients experience a slowly worsening neurodegenerative disease, which starts from irritability, coordination impairment, and learning deficits, to paralysis, dementia and eventually a vegetative state and death, just like patients suffering from prion diseases. And like prion diseases, SSPE is incurable, although it can be managed if treated early.

Although cancers caused by HIV infection are nothing uncommon, this man[1] made the headline because he was killed by a cancer from a tape worm, a common parasite living inside his gut. Normally xenograft cancers cannot survive in human body because they are quickly eradicated by our immune system. However, because this man was at the terminal stage of HIV infection, his immune system was too compromised to fight off the worm cancer cells.

That’s why HIV is one of the last infections I want to have, because I may be killed by diseases I have never heard of.