Liliana, the Foster Kitten Snuggled in a Small Pink Hamster Bed, Is Absolutely Adorable

A tiny tortoiseshell kitten, Liliana, felt safe and cozy inside a pink bed. It’s just the right size for the kitten, but this one was made for a hamster!

Liliana, the Foster Kitten In a Tiny Pink Hamster Bed is ‘Stinkin’ Adorable’

Could anything be cuter than this rescued kitten taking refuge in a tiny cozy, peeking out with her big blue eyes from the warm incubator?

Suddenly everyone wants a hamster bed right now.

In mid-August, Foster mom Sara Lanz, from the Washington DC area, took in two “new bébés,” Liliana and Rosa. They were teeny tiny inside the incubator and as cute as anything. Both were about 4 weeks old but the size of 1-week-old kittens. So they needed lots of TLC to get them fattened up and healthy.

Liliana, the Foster Kitten In a Tiny Pink Hamster Bed is ‘Stinkin’ Adorable’

Little Rosa was very sick at first, with no appetite and an upset stomach. But with her foster mom’s care, she recovered and peeked out from the warmth of the incubator, making little biscuits with her paws. Soon, she was full of energy and had a ravenous appetite.

Later, Liliana also got sick, but with care, she too turned a corner, and the “little nuggets” got to graduate to a playpen.

With two cuties like this to care for, how could you not have a good morning?

Liliana, the Foster Kitten In a Tiny Pink Hamster Bed is ‘Stinkin’ Adorable’

By mid-September, Liliana and Rosa started looking like big girls but still cute as buttons. They were the “perfect pair” who always wanted to be together.

In October, Liliana’s “butterscotch patches” were coming in, and she was a real beauty. Thanks to her foster mom, she was also coordinated for fall, which she didn’t mind.

And just like that, it was time for Liliana, Rosa, and their foster pal Moonbeam to head out for a new life at the Arlington-based AWLA Kitten College Program. “Goodbye is the goal,” for all foster providers, although it’s bittersweet. Their foster mom got one last snuggle before sending them off to bring their new families a lifetime of love and companionship. We hope they will always be together.