How to Minimize Dust-Bunnies and Prevent Your Home From Becoming A Furball Haven

It’s important for me to keep my home clean, especially since I have 5 pets. Our unwanted pets are often the cause of a great deal of trouble. These ugly, disgusting creatures can be found in corners, made up of food, dirt, animal hair, and dead skin cells. The so-called “dust bunnies” are an annoyance to pet owners. There are some ways to minimize the chances that your house will become a furball and dust bunny haven.

1. Give your pet a healthy diet.

The majority of pets shed. However, those who are fed a high-quality, balanced diet have healthier coats, and they shed at the right amount according to their breed. If your pet sheds a lot, consult a veterinarian. It may not be a diet issue or breed-specific problem, but an underlying condition that is causing the fur to fall out. Ask your veterinarian for routine checkups.

2. Enjoy your pet outdoors.

When I played with my dogs indoors, I saw that they shed a lot. After a vigorous rub or pet, my dogs shed a lot of fur. Spend some extra time with your dog outside, giving them a little extra attention and rubbing. This will help to stimulate their natural shedding. Mother Nature is not bothered!

3. Buy a quality pet brush or combing.

By grooming your pets, you can eliminate the fur accumulation in your house. To start grooming, I use a metal pet brush to remove excess fur and skin from my dogs and cats. After that, I give my pets a sensory massage with a soft-bristle brush. Do not forget to wash your pet grooming equipment after each use.

4. Your pet should be washed.

All year long, indoor cats shed. You can bathe your cat with a wet, warm washcloth if you don’t like to give them a bath. You should wash your dog with shampoo every six weeks, and you can wipe the cat weekly if it’s an outdoor pet.

5. Get an air purifier.

Purifiers clean the air in your home and help reduce allergens. They are made for pet owners and reduce dander.

6. Dust with a damp rag.

Dust with a microfiber cloth that is moist so dust and fur will stick better.

7. Outdoors, shake couch cushions and pet beds.

It is impossible to imagine the amount of skin cells, dander and other contaminants that are on soft surfaces. Take your cushions, rugs and pet beds outdoors to prevent dust from snowballing.

8. Replace bed linens every week.

You could be sleeping with mites and dander if your pet jumps on your bed. Weekly cleaning of your bedding will reduce skin particles that end up in carpets and on floors.

9. Use a long-hose attachment and vacuum often to reach hard-to-reach places.

When I play with my children, I can see where the dust bunnies are hiding. The long nozzle on my vacuum helps me reach the furballs that are hard to get to. They are everywhere in my home!

If you have one, or even more, furry friends in your house, there will be dust bunnies, and maybe even furballs, floating around. But that’s not a reason to give up. Use these tips to keep your home as clean as possible. Your family and you deserve it.