How To Handle A Dog Bite Safely So As Not To Get Rabies

Breeding pet dogs to keep the house and as an ornamental is a current trend. Lovely dogs love to play and always want to be cuddled by their owners. But sometimes too much cuddling makes the pet go crazy and suddenly bite the hand. In this case, everyone needs to know how to handle a dog bite to avoid rabies. Here are detailed instructions for those who have no experience with wound management.

Potential dangers of being bitten by a dog

Potential dangers of being bitten by a dog
Potential dangers of being bitten by a dog

It is not by chance that how to handle a dog bite is concerned by sens in the process of taking care of pets at home. Because more than anyone else, people understand the potential dangers of being bitten on the hand or foot by a pet.

In more detail, dogs raised at home often have extremely sharp teeth. A pet’s teeth can cause serious skin damage such as lacerations, lacerations, abrasions, and even hematomas.

But the most dangerous thing is that inside the dog’s saliva contains the rabies virus. This virus will cause strong effects on the nervous system. The risk of death when a person is infected with the rabies virus is almost 100%. Currently, there is no specific treatment for rabies in the world. So, if you don’t want to lose your life by being subjective, you definitely must not disregard dog bites, even if they are very small.

Is it okay if a dog bites and doesn’t bleed?

Is it okay if a dog bites and doesn't bleed?
Is it okay if a dog bites and doesn’t bleed?

As we all know, dog saliva contains rabies virus. This virus will enter the human body through scratched and bloody bites. So many people wonder if it’s okay to be bitten by a dog without bleeding.

According to experts, when being bitten by a dog without bleeding does not mean that you are still safe from rabies. The best way is for everyone to observe how serious the dog bite is? Are there any scratches or bruises in the dog’s area?

If the dog bite is mild and there is no bruising or abrasion, your risk of rabies is very low. Not even there. But if the bite is slightly scratched or bruised, people are still at high risk of losing rabies. At this time, applying a treatment when bitten by a dog is very necessary to protect yourself against an incurable disease.

How to handle a dog bite safely and effectively

How to handle a dog bite safely and effectively
How to handle a dog bite safely and effectively

in the unfortunate event of being bitten by a dog, there are two important issues that you need to take care of. One is what you should do to limit the spread of the virus. Second, you should not eat anything to prevent rabies yourself.

1. What to do if bitten by a dog?

When bitten by a dog, everyone should protect themselves by taking the following necessary actions:

  • Step 1: Carefully examine the wound to see how deep the bite is, whether there are scratches and bleeding. If the bite is more than 2cm deep and bleeding profusely, you should take the victim to a medical center.
  • Step 2: Clean the wound caused by pets by washing the bitten area under strong water. Gently rub soap on the area. Cleaning steps will help people remove dirt, bacteria and prevent a high risk of infection.
  • Step 3: Bandage the wound with a fixed gauze bandage. Note that the wound should be bandaged with moderate force so as not to make the bite bleed more.
  • Step 4: Immediately go to the nearest medical center to get vaccinated against rabies. At the same time, people also need to monitor the dog to know if the pet has rabies or not.

2. What should not be eaten if bitten by a dog?

After conducting wound treatment and full vaccination at the medical institution, you can still maintain a normal diet. But doctors often advise people bitten by dogs to limit certain foods that are easy to cause poisoning. The most typical are drinks containing stimulants such as wine, beer, …

Some foods that make wounds heal longer such as sticky rice, beef, and seafood should also not be used. Instead, choose healthy and healthy foods like pork and fresh vegetables.

So I have detailed instructions on how to handle a dog bite and what foods to avoid in this case. As long as you strictly follow the instructions, the rate of rabies when bitten by a dog will be cut to the lowest level.