Gal Gadot Secretly Welcomes 4th Baby, Reveals Unique Name

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot’s life just became more wonderful! The 38-year-old mother of 3 has welcomed her fourth baby with her husband. Announcing the sweet news, the actress shared a tender photo along with the baby’s special name and what it means. She also hinted on why she kept the pregnancy a secret.

A new addition to the Wonder Woman’s Family.

Gal Gadot announced the happy news along with a picture of her holding the baby in the hospital. She also shared some thoughts on her journey of becoming a mom again while joking that the baby has joined the house of girls as she has 3 daughters already, and that «daddy is pretty cool too».

She revealed details about the newborn.

Gal shares that she has welcomed a baby girl. «My sweet girl, welcome. The pregnancy was not easy and we made it through,» she wrote in the caption. Her complications with pregnancy might have been a reason she kept the pregnancy hush hush.

The new momma also revealed that the baby has «brought so much light» into their lives that the couple decided to name her just that. Gal has named her daughter Ori, which she explains means «my light» in Hebrew.

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Preview photo credit gal_gadot / Instagram