Playful Paws: Siberian Zoo Welcomes 16 Wild Feline Companions for Visitors to Bond with

A short while ago, the Novosibirsk Zoo located in Siberia shared an exciting update on regarding the birth of sixteen adorable wild kittens. These little darlings are offspring of three female Pallas’ Cats, and they all possess big, bright blue eyes that add to their charm. While the exact date of their birth wasn’t mentioned in the announcement, Tatyana Pevneva, who heads the International Cooperation Department at the Novosibirsk Zoo, divulged that the first female gave birth on June 1st, 2020, while the second and third had their litters on June 7th and June 11th, respectively. Interestingly, litter size varied among the females, with one giving birth to three, another to five, and the last to eight kittens. As these felines mature, their striking blue eyes will transition from green to yellow. The zoo staff is carefully monitoring the growth and development of these charming kittens, and while it’s too soon to determine their path, the future holds endless possibilities for them.

The Novosibirsk Zoo boasts two charming Pallas’ Cats kittens that are currently enjoying their time there. The zoo has been home to this breed for a quarter of a century and as part of international and European programs, the cute kittens are sent to different zoos around the world to promote conservation efforts. This has led to the breed’s offspring being found in countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Poland, and even the Czech Republic.

Breeding Pallas’ Cats in captivity is a challenging task due to their high mortality rate, which has rendered them vulnerable. These cats originally call rocky deserts and semi-arid regions of Central Asia and Mongolia their home, but they now face extinction dangers such as hunting for their fur and habitat degradation. Nevertheless, the playful nature of these adorable kittens offers a glimpse of hope for their endangered species.

At Novosibirsk Zoo, visitors have been enchanted by a mother Pallas’s Cat and her two adorable kittens. These rare cats are only found in Russia and are considered endangered with only 12,000 remaining in the wild according to the WWF. Russian zoos currently only have 30 Pallas’s Cats in captivity as of last year. The kittens at Novosibirsk Zoo are still shy around strangers but have been slowly gaining confidence over time. While sightings are not guaranteed, patient guests may catch a glimpse of these precious felines during their visit.