Five of the Safest Dogs for Kids

A child’s unconditional devotion to the family dog is unparalleled. The ideal pet experience might become a reality with the help of a well-selected breed.

Characteristics of a Child-Friendly Breed INCLUDE:

  • Regard for children characterized by patience
  • Engaging in childlike play
  • Kid safety measures


The American Kennel Club, Good Housekeeping, Petpedia, and Pet MD are just a few sources that regularly publish lists of the “best family dogs,” and the following five breeds consistently rank high on these lists.

1. The Labrador Retriever

Children all throughout the world are delighted with adorable labs. Consider a black, chocolate, or yellow Labrador Retriever if you want a breed that is both protective and playful. They’ll keep up with the most lively and active kids. Another advantage is that they are excellent swimmers!

In summary, for many families, a lab is an excellent decision. It’s also one of the most common breeds. There’s even talk of making the Labrador Retriever Ohio’s state dog.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden is a very intelligent dog breed
Golden is a very intelligent dog breed

The Golden Retriever’s unrivaled liveliness is a huge bonus. It is also well-known for its intellect and devotion. A Golden Retriever’s incredible tolerance comes in handy with youngsters. While they like playing outdoors for extended periods of time, they also prefer spending time inside.

3. Setter Irish

Irish Setters prefer friendship over loneliness. An Irish Setter is a fantastic option for a safe and trainable breed for your busy family. It enjoys exercising in the backyard, on the walk, or in the dog park. You’ve discovered a fitness buddy if you get an Irish Setter. The Irish Setter’s gorgeous red coat will draw admiring attention everywhere you go.

4. Beagle

Beagle is a pretty easy dog ​​breed
Beagle is a pretty easy dog ​​breed

A charming and cuddly Beagle is the ideal family dog for a variety of reasons. Interaction with family members is essential for a Beagle. Children like a Beagle’s lively nature. The breed’s calm and affectionate attitude makes it a safe bet. Because it is a smaller breed, it is an excellent choice for families with little children.

5. Border Collie

A Border Collie is a great choice for a household that has never owned a dog before. They quickly form bonds with family members and vice versa. This sensitive and clever breed exudes attributes that instill trust and confidence in its owners. They love children and are very protective of them.