Dog Owners Of Dangerous Breeds Were Fined For Walking Their Dogs Without a Muzzle

Andrey Ryabokon was a deputy to the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly and took the initiative against owners of dangerous breeds of dogs who walk their pets without a muzzle or a leash with a rubber.

According to the Parliamentary newspaper, Ryabokon suggested adding to the Code of Administrative Offenses a new article 8.52. “Walking a potentially hazardous dog without a muzzle or a leash.”

It is to be established in it: If an animal walks free not in a fenced space marked with a warning signal, but in another location without a leash or muzzle, punish owners for citizens for 3-5 000 rubles, officials up to 15000, legal entities up to 30000 rubles, “the matter says.

The deputy reminded that No. The deputy reminded that No. 498-FZ, “On the responsible treatment and care of animals”, was established to prohibit dogs being allowed to freely walk dogs of potentially dangerous breeds. Their list is in government decree No. 974 of 07/29/2019.

It contains 12 breeds of dogs, as well as their mestizos: American Bulldogs and Brazilian Bulldogs, Bandog, Wolf-Dog hybrids, Pit Bullmastiff, and other.

In an interview with NSN, Vladimir Burmatov, First Vice Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, stated that 60% of Russian families own pets.