Does Your Dog Keep You Awake At Night?

You’re probably a dog owner and you have experienced or will experience this: Sleepless, seemingly endless nights because your pet won’t settle down at night. Not only does it bar you from sleeplessness, but also some very cranky mornings.

What can you do to help? Why do dogs act this way?

Michael’s pet dog Willy was an avid barker. He would even bark and whine throughout the night. Michael said that the whole family was sleep-deprived, including the children and the wife. We’d had him only for two years when we moved into a real house. We decided that we would put him in our laundry room every night once we had moved into the house. The laundry room was a comfortable place with a bed. “But he never stopped barking, from nighttime to morning.

Michael was shocked to learn from a friend that his dog may be experiencing separation anxiety. Willy didn’t know why he lived so far from his family.

Michael explained, “In our previous place, he used to sleep in the kitchen which was near our bedrooms.” We decided to put his bed in the bedroom with us at night.

Alison was having a problem of a completely different nature. Rex has been my dog since it was a pup, and I’ve always had him sleep with me. Now that Rex is an adult, he has grown too large. It’s not working. He spreads out, taking up most of the mattress. He gets up after I try to push him. He barks, he whines. I can’t get to sleep. “I feel terrible.”

Alison asked her vet to suggest a solution. She suggested that the dog be trained to sleep in crates. It worked! I felt terrible doing it, but there was a comfortable bed for him in that room. He didn’t even bark, because I was there. Alison said, “Now he’s got his own floor bed.” He jumps up on my bed in the mornings to snuggle, but that’s okay.

Laura’s allergies meant that their dog Maya had to be confined outside the bedroom. This was not something Maya liked. My boyfriend and I are both working, so Maya wants lots of cuddles and attention. Maya will whine and break things when my boyfriend is in the living area with her. It’s annoying.”

What is their solution? Their solution? Now Maya can play and have company at night with a friend. She pointed out that they had rescued another animal from the pound.

Jeff and Maria are at a new stage in their life. Their only child is already out of the house and they work long hours. Jeff explained that because our dog was only a couple of years old, he had a great deal of energy. He would run around the house at night, barking and chasing shadows. “We were exhausted.”

The morning walk was not working. Maria explained, “We finally realized that we had to include him in our workout routine.” We now take him on walks and runs instead of taking the kids to the gym when we arrive home. We sometimes play at the park and then walk a couple of hours later, before going to bed. We basically wear him out.” The owners have hired a dog walker to exercise the pet every day. What is the result? The result?

Now you know some helpful tricks to use on your dog who won’t sleep. Don’t let bed “bugs”, bark. The bed “bugs” are biting me.