Do Golden Retrievers Shedding? How To Help Them?

Golden Retrievers can be a joy to have around and to share your life with. But, shedding is something that should be a red flag.

You’d be forgiven if you think their hair is easy to manage with such gorgeous glossy locks. But don’t worry – you will find it all over your clothes and furniture!

What is the Average Weight of Golden Retrievers Sheddings?

These dogs shed their hair moderately over the course of the year. We mean that they will shed a few hairs on your furniture, clothing, and carpets.

Many golden retrievers shed twice a year, during spring and autumn. We’re willing to wager that the shedding in the spring and fall seasons won’t convince your dog to use a high-powered vacuum .

You can find a wider range of vacuums by visiting The team has tested 82 vacuums and provide a lot of information about the best models for carpets, hardwood floors and tile. Gemma Tyler of Smart Vacuums states that a cordless vacuum cleaner is the best for dog hair removal. Anything else will not do the job.

As they blow their hair, expect to see a lot of hair fall from your golden. This is because the hair will be ready for new growth in summer and winter.

As they blow their hair, expect to see a lot of hair fall from your golden. This is because the hair will be ready for new growth in summer and winter.

Because it is so variable between dogs, it’s difficult to know how much you dog will shed. However, suffice it to say that you should vacuum your house regularly and brush your dog to maintain a clean home.

Why do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Golden retrievers are one breed that has a double coat. It consists of an oily, waterproof outer and a thick, downy underneath.

This remarkable duality is what makes the golden retriever so adaptable to all weather conditions and allows him to spend plenty of time outside and in the water.

It’s not a good thing, at least for owners of goldens. The downy undercoat sheds hair frequently to allow new hairs to grow in. Your dog’s climate and needs will dictate the thickness of the undercoat. During winter, dogs will have a thicker undercoat. They will shed much of this undercoat during spring.

This is the reason why shedding is so intense in spring and autumn: In spring, your golden sheds their winter coat and in fall, their summer coat is removed to allow for new winter coat growth.

The general rule is that golden retrievers shed more hair the warmer they live.

Is there a health reason for increased shedding?

The majority of golden retriever shedding is normal and normal. However, there are some health issues that may cause heavier shedding.

Allergies may cause more shedding because they can irritate the skin of your dog and make it easier for the hair to fall out quickly and easily. You can find these allergens in your dog’s food, shampoo, or natural outdoors. Consult your vet to determine the best way to treat your allergy.

Parasites, especially ticks, can also cause increased shedding. They can burrow into the skin of your dog, making it very itchy and irritating. This will encourage hair loss.

You can invest in anti-parasite shampoos and sprays to make sure your golden retriever has the most current flea/ tick prevention treatment.

Stress can cause shedding in golden retrievers. This could be due to moving or changes in family dynamics. Your dog could also shed hair if it is stressed or anxious.

What can I do to reduce the amount of shedding Golden Retrievers?

Golden retrievers shed hair due to their double-coated nature, but there are tips and tricks that can help you keep it under control.

First, commit to a daily grooming schedule. This will enable you to get rid of dead hair from your dog without it getting caught in furniture or carpets. This will reduce matting and tangles. You can do it at least three times per week if you are unable to do it every day.

Second, ensure that your dog has a strong and healthy coat. This means giving your dog a balanced, healthy diet, and avoiding any food or treats that could cause allergies.

Protein-rich foods will keep your dog’s hair soft and healthy. They will also prevent any allergies and skin problems. Omega-3 oil supplements are useful in restoring shine and strength to your dog’s coat.

Do not bathe your golden retriever often. Chemical-laden shampoos can dry out your dog’s hair and cause increased shedding. Give them a bath only when they are dirty. If you do decide to use shampoo, ensure it is gentle on their skin, and that it is nourishing for their hair.

Can I use a Furminator to control my Golden Retrievers?

Furminators are a special brand of de-shedding tool that is popular among golden retriever owners. They allow you to remove dead hair from the undercoat of your dog while also thinning it.

The FURminator or a similar tool to reduce shedding should be used once per week for your golden retriever. You will see immediate results. It will reduce shedding and decrease the chance of matts or painful tangles.

However, it is not a miracle cure for shedding and should be used along with daily brushing.

This tool is very sharp so be careful. The Furminator should always be used in the direction of hair growth. It shouldn’t be used more than twice per week as it can be irritating to your dog’s skin.

Do I need to shave my golden to reduce shedding?

Do not be tempted to shave your golden retriever to prevent them from shedding. Your dog will be at risk for heatstroke and sunburn, and its hair will not grow back as well.

Nature gave Golden Retrievers a perfectly balanced double coat that helps keep them cool in hot weather. This is the best way to keep your Golden Retrievers cool.