Deworming your dog and what you need to know

Deworming your dog and preventing worms is very important. Just like humans, dogs are also susceptible to diseases caused by worms. You probably already know when to deworm your dog and what types of deworming drugs are safe for dogs? But many owners assume that deworming is done, their dog will be safe. Have you noticed that your dog refuses to take the medicine or the side effects that the dog experiences after deworming? Don’t worry too much, the article below will help you.

Age of use and deworming schedule for dogs

Deworming for puppies needs to be done seriously and according to the process. The best time is when the puppy is 2-3 weeks old. Worms are dangerous parasites. They multiply and develop into the environment very quickly. Deworming during this time will prevent the eggs from spreading.

Because the puppy’s body and resistance are not stable yet, you need to observe them closely. If you have any unusual symptoms, call your veterinarian immediately for advice. Deworm the dog again in the next 4, 6 and 8 weeks.

In the process of developing the pet’s body, the use of deworming drugs also has many differences. After the dog is strong, it can be dewormedheartwormworms … When the dog has reached the level of over 1-year-old, you just need to regularly maintain deworming once a year.

How to properly deworm your dog?

Dogs don’t like drugs, and dog dewormers are no exception. They always keep their mouths shut and protest fiercely. Some dogs even burp backwards. In both cases, the dog received the drug in very small doses.

The easiest way is to put the pills in their food. Because dogs often bite and swallow food, the medicine will easily follow. There are clever dogs that will recognize drugs in food. For these puppies, you will have to put the medicine directly into their mouth. Or they can be crushed and mixed with their food. Maybe the puppy won’t notice and you will succeed.

Depending on the dog breed… there will be different dosages. You should pay close attention to this. Avoid overdosing on the drug. A deworming pill for dogs is not too expensive and does not cost much. You should remember the regular schedule to deworm your puppy.

Dog refuses to take dewormer?

You should deworm your dog after a meal for about 2 hours, this time in the dog’s stomach there is not too much food nor too “empty”, taking worm medicine when you will reduce the stimulation of the drug to the stomach. , reduce the bad reactions.

At this point, open their mouth, put the medicine in, give them some water to drink and hold the dog’s mouth for 10 seconds, then make sure they swallow the medicine and do not spit it out. If your dog still refuses to take the medicine, you can put the medicine with the food your dog likes to eat, or grind the medicine into a powder and mix it with a little water for them to drink. Or take the tougher measure:

  1. Open the dog’s mouth by holding the muzzle open to open the dog’s jaws. Pull the top lip down over its teeth and hold it in your hand.
  2. Tilt the dog’s head upwards. This will make the dog open the lower jaw.
  3. Place the medicine in the dog’s mouth on the tongue. Hold the dog’s lower jaw as long as you can.
  4. Once the pill is in, close the dog’s muzzle and hold it tight.
  5. Gently stroke your dog’s neck until he finishes swallowing the pill. Watch them afterwards, or the dog will spit out the cigarette when you remove your hand.

Otherwise, the dog will spit out the medicine when you remove your hand. In the worst case, if the dog refuses to take the medicine, you can seek the help of a veterinarian.

What to do after deworming the dog?

After deworming your dog, comfort them so they feel you care. Wait until the drugs wear off before they can get better. But if after 24 hours, the dog’s condition is still not getting better, for example, they do not want to eat or even drink water, you should immediately take the dog to the veterinarian for examination and timely treatment.

Either way, deworming your dog is essential. Because if the dog has worms, it will cause digestive disorders, eat less or stop eating … making the body tired and exhausted. Sometimes the worms even get into the bronchi and lungs, causing death if not treated promptly.

Reactions after deworming dogs

Response 1: No response at all

After deworming dogs and pets, if there is no reaction, the intestines and intestines work well, you will not have to worry much. For dogs that do not have any strange reactions, two hours after giving the dog the medicine, do not give them any food, then the medicine will have its effect.

Reaction 2: Mood body

This case happens quite commonly, after deworming dogs, some cases have side effects after deworming., an uncomfortable state always clings to you, there may be symptoms of mild vomiting and diarrhea, after vomiting, just find a place to lie down. At this time you should not disturb them to rest, but also pay attention to observe the dog’s mental state, prepare them with some clean water, wait for half a day, if the dog’s belly is not problematic, it can be Start feeding them normally.

Reaction 3: Vomiting too much

After deworming the dog, some dogs have a higher reaction, because the stomach is too weak or the dog is old. After taking the medicine, vomiting will last a long time, even vomiting so much that they uncontrollable actions. They can lead to severe dehydration, so you need to give your dog a certain amount of water, even if you just give them water, they may vomit immediately.

Harm when using dewormer for dogs in the wrong way

Many owners are indifferent to deworming their dogs. With the simple thought that buying medicine or injection is enough. There is also no scheduling. Using the wrong way of deworming can affect their life.

Many owners often use human dewormers for dogs. This is so wrong. The structure and development of people and things are not the same. The ingredients in the medicine for humans can make the dog vomit, regurgitate… More dangerous than losing his life because of an allergy to the ingredients of the dewormer.

If you intend to give your puppy a drink on an empty stomach, before a meal or after a meal for too long. Get rid of that mindset immediately. Just like humans, the best time to take the drug is about 2 hours after a meal. After the food has been digested and a small amount remains in the stomach wall. At this time, the drug will absorb and take effect faster. Note that do not use the drug in excess or make the wrong deworming schedule.

Look at them closely. If there is any abnormality, it is best to consult a doctor. Especially if you have no experience with taking care of puppies.

Direct FAQ section for questions about dog deworming

What to do when my dog ​​has no worms?

Many people think that their dog has no worms. Because they never go out to play, nor eat junk food. Dogs only eat hygienic and healthy food, they don’t even come into contact with other dogs. There are definitely no parasites in their bodies. Therefore, there is no need to deworm the dog. In fact, that is a mistake.

Pet dogs often roll on the ground, many dogs have the habit of licking their bodies. They also often bite and gnaw furniture, the parasite entering the body is inevitable. Even if they don’t go out on the street.

If there are no signs of illness, why not deworm the dog?

Deworming your dog is just as important as getting a vaccine. It is a preventive measure before the dog gets sick. And if you wait until your dog gets sick, it’s too late. If your dog has an intestinal disease, it will need surgery to completely cure it. Other methods are difficult to restore the damage caused by helminths.

Many owners believe that there are no helminths in dog feces, which proves that there are no worms in their bodies? In fact, there are no worms in the dog’s feces. Even after deworming, you will not be able to detect it.

This does not mean that there are no parasites in the dog’s body. In essence, the parasite may not develop into a helminth. They can form nests of eggs. Routine deworming is the best way to protect your dog from dangerous intestinal diseases.

Just take a clean bath, don’t need to deworm your dog?

Parasites will not “leave” your pet, even if you give them a clean bath. Do not rest assured that the dog’s skin and coat are free of parasites. Deworming your dog can not only eliminate parasites in the body, but also help prevent bacteria when your dog licks his fur.

Need to pay a little attention and care about the health of your dog. Deworming your dog regularly is a good way to give your dog a healthy body. At the same time, protect the members of your family. However, dewormers are not the same as immune vaccines. Dewormer for dogs is only effective for 3 months.

What is the best dog dewormer?

There are many dog ​​dewormers on the market today. The prices of these drugs also vary by brand and place of sale. Saving costs is important, but you should not choose the ones that are too cheap.