Before heading to school, the child bid farewell to his beloved cat, sharing heartfelt embraces filled with affection and longing

One person shared photos of his son saying goodbye to his cat to start school, a scene that made everyone laugh.


It is known that the boy and the cat grew up together, they stuck together all day long , but now the boy is in first grade and has to go to boarding school, so it will be late in the evening before they see each other again. , so every morning there is a passionate farewell in the parking lot like this.


Even though we could see each other again in the afternoon, the cat didn’t want to leave, it hugged the boy tightly, and so the farewell lasted until it was time to go or else we would be late, so they reluctantly let each other go. go out


After school, the boy rushed home immediately. What an interesting story, isn’t it? Children who come into contact with animals from an early age will learn many things such as: responsibility, gentleness, treating people around them kindly …/.


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