After having a large tumor removed, the patient breaks into her first grin in twenty years…

According to the Daily Mail, a woman has smiled for the first time in over 20 years after having a large tumor removed from her face by medical professionals.

Isatu was only ten years old when she first saw a tumor on the lower right side of her jaw.

For several years, the growth, which was diagnosed as an ameloblastoma, caused her to have difficulty breathing. The 27-year-old woman was also often brought to tears as a result of the nasty actions of strangers.

The first operation to remove the tumor took place in September and lasted for a total of five hours. After three months, she had cosmetic surgery, which was followed by the restoration of the jaw and pelvic bone that had been removed.

Blaire Scmaleberg, Isatu’s nurse, can vividly recall the patient’s reaction the first time she saw her face after the removal of the tumor.

Ms. Scmaleberg said that when the woman glanced at her mirror, she had an expression of astonishment on her face. “It was almost as if she had a glimpse of a completely other future. Her grin was still visible in spite of the swelling that had developed as a result of the operation. It’s like seeing the birth of a new person when you see someone who was so shy and timid and fearful when they first came in, but who is now completely herself.