Why is my Cane Corso leaning against me?

The dogs and I are relaxing in the backyard, and Ares has taken to resting on my leg whenever we are in this position. That got me wondering, so I looked into it more. The mystery of my Cane Corso’s reliance on me has been solved.

You can tell your Cane Corso loves you because he constantly tries to get closer to you by leaning on you. It’s in the nature of large guard dogs like the Cane Corso to stand near to us, either to reassure us or to attract our attention. But that’s not always the case; there are plenty of other scenarios in which your Cane Corso could seek support from you.


In fact, the Cane Corso may be traced back to the Roman Empire. Its ancestry may be traced back to the Canis Pugnaces, a Roman military dog of the first century. Cane Corso was not just employed in combat, but also as a guard dog, and no medieval thief would have liked to get into a fight with one.

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, these canines continued their journey as farm dogs, protecting livestock and families for centuries. Because they look up to their owners as authorities, they have learned to spend time and work alongside them.

A deep-rooted commitment to protecting one’s family is hardwired into every Cane Corso’s DNA. Perhaps your trusty canine is clinging to you for support because he or she wants you to feel secure and protected.

Simply to Be Next to You / Fall in Love

Dogs, as we all know, only want to be loved. Dogs of all breeds, according to many pet experts, cuddle up to you because they adore you and long for your physical presence and affection.

When your Corso climbs into bed with you, have you also noticed that he always lies such that at least one of his body parts is touching you? If he puts his paw on you or if he decides to sit on you.

Because of their size, Cane Corsos do not expect to be picked up and caressed like smaller dogs. Instead, they will lean against you or sit on you to be as near to you as possible.

Dogs lean because they want to be petted, loved, and cuddled.

To Get Your Focus

When a Cane Corso needs anything from you or your attention, he may lean on you.
My Ares often asks for neck scratches since he enjoys them so much; he begins leaning on me, turns his head to gaze at me, and positions himself in order to get them. If that doesn’t work, he’ll resort to whimpering, which sounds like a 60-kilogram mature male Cane Corso begging for attention.

But here’s a rundown of potential demands he may make if he succeeds in getting your attention.

Since Cane Corsos seldom bark, they are often considered one of the quietest dog breeds. Cane Corsos, unlike other dog breeds, will not start barking and whimpering when they want to be entertained. Instead, they will lean on you or “hit” you with their paws. Sounds like a song urging you to get up and go!

That man is starving

What our pets really need from us, of course, is food. Therefore, when your Corso is hungry, it will attempt to grab your attention by leaning on you.

Although not the loudest breed of dog, a Corso will respectfully let you know via a combination of signs and maybe some whimpering when it’s time for dinner.

Apologies, Hugs, and Flicks

This is to be expected, given that they are all items that dogs adore, and so require some degree of effort on the dog’s part to get.

Your dog will learn that if he leans on you for approval, you will lavish him with praise, and this behavior will become the norm. If this is bothersome, try ignoring his pleas; eventually, he will realize that he is futile and cease.

This Is Because They Have Tremendous Fear

Your Cane Corso may be easily frightened by sudden movements, loud noises, pyrotechnics, and even other dogs. Your dog is no different from a little child that reaches for a parent’s hand when they’re scared; they need to feel your contact to feel safe again.

Because they look up to you as the pack leader and assume you have greater life experience, they will rely on you when they are feeling vulnerable. As leader, people put their faith in their ability to make the right decisions when faced with challenges they can’t overcome on their own.

Causes of Panic When Left Alone

Separation anxiety is a real problem for some Cane Corsos, just as it is for other dog breeds. If that’s the case, it’s possible he’s depending on you for support.

Extreme behavior upon the return of the owner, such as leaning on you to “make sure you are there and not going away,” might be a sign of separation anxiety.

Consult your dog’s vet if you think he or she suffers from separation anxiety. Even though dogs with separation anxiety are in a constant state of worry, the problem is treatable with time and effort.

Learned to Slum it?

I can speak from experience with this topic since my brother and his family now share their home with a Cane Corso who was adopted by them when he was three years old from a previous family.

It was immediately apparent that he had been raised to rely on my brother as he did so often. Our suspicions were confirmed when we called the prior owner.

His former owner entered him in dog shows, therefore he had to be trained by a professional to stay close by at all times.

Consider the possibility that learning poses a problem

Though it’s not harmful, some people may not like it if their dog leans on them. You can “fix” your dog’s leaning on you in a snap if you find it annoying. Ignore your dog whenever he attempts to lean on you, and he will eventually learn that he will get nothing from this behavior.

Some say that dogs will lean on you to prove their authority and stake claim to your domain. You have people relying on you so they can “show you who’s boss,” as they put it.

Many experts in the field of canine behavior eventually became tired of refuting these statements, and they were eventually widely ignored.

Dogs don’t need the support of humans to feel powerful. As a sign of trust, affection, and protection, they lean in close to one another.