Why Do Dogs Love Squeaky Toys?

Visit any pet store and you’ll discover many different toy toys for your pet to enjoy. The most tried and tested pet toy is the traditional squeaky dog toy. What is it that makes dogs play with the toys they love so much?

Why dogs love Squeaky Toys

Your dog could enjoy the squeaky toy due to various reasons, but the majority of experts on dog behavior are of the opinion that the three major reasons dogs enjoy toys that squeak are linked to the instinct to hunt, chewing as well as sound.


Many toys that squeak are tiny, fuzzy, and shaped in the shape of something that dogs desire to hunt. The squeaking noise they produce could be similar to the alarm sounds that prey makes. This is the reason hunter breeds could have a greater desire for toys that squeak than other breeds. This could be the reason why certain breeds, like terriers (which originated as developed to be rats), are likely to enjoy breaking down their toys. Of course, all breeds are able to appreciate playing with toys that squeak, but hunting instincts could be the reason the breed of Jack Russell loves to smash their squeaky toys, while a miniature Schnauzer might prefer to just squeak.


Another reason that your dog could like squeaky toys is because of the squeak’s sound. When your dog chews upon their preferred toy and then hears the sound of a squeak, they receive immediate satisfaction. It could trigger a positive feedback loop. The sound of the squeak could induce dopamine release from the reward center within the brain of your dog. Your dog might continue to play with their toy and get that dopamine rush once more.

Your dog could also be taught that if they squeeze their favorite toy around you, it could encourage you to play with it. If each time you see your pet having fun with his squeaky toys you are able to join in with their game the dog will soon create a link with “squeak toy” and “mom/dad plays with me.” A few people may joke that this is their dog’s training however If your pet wants to be their partner, who is to tell them no?


In the end, your dog might appreciate their squeaky toys as they love chewing things. This is especially relevant for a young puppies who are just starting to teeth. Like cats and scratching, various breeds may have different preferences in chewing. The puppies who chew may prefer softer toys made of rubber. Older dogs, particularly smaller breeds are more susceptible to developing dental diseases and may like soft, stuffed toys. The power chewers can do great with toys that are said to be indestructible. Toys made from heavier plastic, rubber or vinyl might last longer than squeaky toys made of plush, however, they will need to be replaced in the future. It’s important to be aware that your dog’s needs can change with age.

How to Play with Squeaky Toys

Naughty pets frequently stole food and ignored new toys, according to a survey (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Playing with your dog might appear to seem intuitive However, there are some tips and tricks to encourage your dog to join in with your playtime. Many people try to convince their dogs to play with toys by firmly shaking them before their faces. Certain dogs might respond to this, but keep in mind that your dog may like their squeaky toys because it resembles prey. A squirrel is likely not likely to come towards your dog and dance before them. Instead, gently move it around the floor in a way that is out of reach for your dog to encourage your dog’s prey drive.

Safety Tips

Squeakers, stuffing as well as rubber pieces could be risky If your dog was to eat one of them. It’s crucial to be vigilant when you introduce your dog’s playtime with the new toy. Toys need to be checked regularly for tears or rips which could cause breakage or could be consumed. Plush toys with holes should be discarded or sew the hole closed to keep your dog from eating the stuffing material. The damaged rubber and plastic toys must be removed. Toys made of very hard can have rough edges when chewed. All toys that have rough edges which could cause injury to your dog must be removed. Be sure to supervise your dog while engaging in any plaything.