White Boxer Dog Information, Temperament and Characteristics – All You Need To Know

Height: 22-25 inches
Weight: 60-80 pounds
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Colors: White, black, brindle, fawn
Suitable for: Active families, those looking for a guard or working dog
Temperament: Loyal, Intelligent, Affectionate, Friendly

In accordance with the American Kennel Club, a Boxer must not have white markings that cover more than one-third of their fur. If they don’t satisfy this requirement are what we call White Boxer dogs. This isn’t an individual breed as it has often been the topic of debate throughout the many years.

Because their white color is linked to deafness These dogs aren’t breeders and won’t be eligible for competition in the show rings. But, the previously unpopular white Boxers are now gaining favor among a lot of people in recent years as the trend of designer dogs continues to gain momentum.

In Germany, the Boxer’s predecessor was a larger breed, referred to as Bullenbeisser (bull biter). Nowadays, the breed is a beloved pet for families. However, their agility, energy and alertness continue to serve them very well as guard dogs, athletics, cattle dogs, police dogs, and more.

There is a lot of misinformation regarding white Boxers It is difficult to distinguish facts from fiction. Are they uncommon? Are they albinos? Do you have to be concerned about the connection of white coloring with certain diseases? Find out more to these questions and many more.

What’s the Price of White Boxer Puppies?

A healthy Boxer puppy is priced between $600 to $2,000 depending on the location and breeder. In general, the white Boxer puppy will cost less because they’re not eligible for competition shows and aren’t intended to breed. Breeders might offer an invoice of goods regarding the White Boxer’s supposed rarity to increase the cost. Avoid such scam people.

3 Little-Known Facts About The White Boxer Dog

1. Boxers Are Among the Top 10 Most Popular Breeds

Boxer dogs were introduced into America at the beginning of the 20th century however, the breed began to gain popularity in the 1950s. Today it is believed that this Boxer dog is one of the 10 top most loved canines in the United States.

2. White Boxers Are Not Albino

Albinism is a deficiency of pigmentation on the skin, characterized by white hair skin that is white, and eyes that are pink. The eyes of white boxes are blue and may develop black spots.

3. White Boxers Are Not Rare

Contrary to what many believe, White Boxers are not uncommon. In fact, over one-quarter of Boxer litters that are born can be thought to be white.

Temperament & Intelligence of the White Boxer

It is widely believed that white Boxers are different in comparison to other Boxers. This is not the reality. The dogs they breed are loyal and affectionate towards families, but they are also aggressive when they are being guardians. Although they may be cautious of strangers, they are more likely to be fun and friendly they are with the people they have come across.

The breed’s vigilant and alert nature makes them ideal to serve as guard dogs. Their curiosity and ability to absorb new things fast. But they’re also independent thinkers and don’t react well to commands that are harsh.

Are These Dogs Good for Families?

White Boxers are wonderful family pets. One reason is that they are committed to their owners and very secure in their loved ones. They are also extremely friendly and will scream at you to greet you whenever they can. However, anyone who purchases a white Boxer will be able to meet the dog’s energetic level.

If you lead a very active lifestyle then this dog is too for you. Families with young children must be careful. The dog could easily knock little boys down as they bounce and jump around.

Does this breed get Together with Others Pets?

A white Boxer can live happily with other pets around the home particularly if you keep them in a group. However, their prey drive can make your cat and any other animals in danger, therefore make certain to never leave them alone in the same space.

Things to Know When Owning a White Boxer

Every pet has their own unique requirements and needs. This is the information you should know prior to purchasing an all-white Boxer.

Food & Diet Requirements

Every boxer can be described as a medium-sized dog, with an energy level that is high. That means you need to give them the right nutrition to sustain their active lifestyle. White Boxers especially require a diet that is high-quality and rich in protein, fiber carbohydrates, fats, and carbs.

But, be careful not to give your pet too much food as this could lead to being overweight. Make sure to stick to the meal times you have set and limit treats to a minimal amount. But your dog’s nutritional requirements will vary based on their metabolism, age, and activity level. A Boxer who is active should get about 4-6 portions of pet food every day, based on their weight along with other variables. It is recommended to seek the advice of a vet whenever you are you aren’t sure of the best food for your dog.


Since Boxers were developed to hunt prey and catch prey, they require plenty of exercise every day to stay healthy and fit. In the absence of this, they can channel their energy elsewhere, and may be destructive, especially if they are bored.

Your dog needs a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise each day to keep up with good behavior. You can divide that into two 30-minute sessions. minutes each. Walking, hiking and playing games like fetch are just a few options you can play with your pet. You may also decide to participate in dog-related competitions.


A fully grown white Boxer’s mind must be active to stay active and alert. Puzzles and games are great in this regard. In addition, you can teach your dog new tricks from the time the time. Because they are extremely smart, they are able to grasp things fast.

A White Boxer thinks independently and isn’t one to be forced to do anything. It’s also adamant and doesn’t react strongly to harsh corrections. Additionally, the dog has no time for boring and repetitive routines. It is important to make sure that your routine is always interesting and exciting when you want to impart any knowledge.


Because of their thin single-layered coats, White Boxers need minimal grooming. Furthermore, the dogs generally appear clean. Like cats, they’re adept at grooming their own. Thus, you just need to groom their coats every once in a while for it to stay neat.

Regular bathing may not be required, but you must not forget to trim your nails every once or twice each month. Cutting the nails will stop them from scratching your skin whenever they leap to welcome you.

Health and Conditions

The life expectancy of a white Boxer is between 10 and 12 years. But their health could be affected by different health issues. In addition to the usual health problems that affect Boxers all over the world, A white Boxer is at risk of these health issues.

There was a common notion that white Boxers were born deaf and a lot of puppies have lost their lives due to this. However, the majority of white Boxers can hear fine. The hearing loss in white Boxers is due to the lack of pigmentation within the skin cells inside the ear canal.


Because of their skin’s lighter color Due to their lighter skin, white Boxers are more prone to sunburns. In general, you shouldn’t allow your dog to be in sunlight for more than a half hour. Before taking them out for play and exercise make sure that you apply sunscreen for dogs on their skin, to shield them from damaging UV radiation.


While the data available is mostly based on anecdotal evidence the fact is that it is clear that Boxers are more susceptible to blindness than other Boxers that have different coat shades. But, further research into the connection between white Boxers with blindness is needed.

Male Vs. Female

White Boxers who are full-grown differ in size based on their gender. Males can reach 22.5-25 inches and typically weigh between 65 to 80 pounds. However, females can grow at least 21-23.5 inches and weigh between 50 and 65 lbs.

Males are thought to be more affectionate and are not afraid from showing their affection. While their equally faithful female Boxers are known to show more restraint and be subdued in their displays of affection. In addition, they are more unpredictable moods.

Final Thoughts

Boxers are a distinct breed of dog that delights their owners with hilarious behavior. You’ll love the way they “woo-woo” when they want something or they do the “kidney dancing” they do when they are exuberant. They are warm, loving, and enjoy having fun. But they are also vigilant and aggressive when needed.

Boxers have played many roles through the years. They are security dogs, dogs for police, and cattle breeders. Their energy and agility can make them a great choice for contests. In addition to their vulnerability to certain health problems, White Boxers are quite like regular Boxers. They are a great pets if you don’t like the occasional drooling or the occasional snoring.