Whether Or Whether Dogs Have Souls Is A Debatable Topic. In 7 Easy Steps, You Can Tell

The spiritual existence of dogs is a fact. The Latin word “anima,” meaning “soul,” is the root of our English term “animal.” It’s been evident for thousands of years to theologians, biologists, psychologists, animal communicators, and pet owners alike that a dog’s essential nature is his loving, healing soul.

A Soul Is…What?

As the name implies, the soul is the immaterial or spiritual component of a living creature. The soul is the “I”; the physical body is only the means through which the soul learns its lessons and works out its karmic debts.

The question of whether or not canine companions has souls begs to be answered

When asked this question, most individuals go to their religious affiliation for guidance. Many people instead turn to objective sources like science, psychology, spirituality, and their own life stories. Many people think they know the solution. The spiritual value of dogs has been recognized throughout history.

You can tell that dogs have souls in at least seven different ways.

1. Throughout history, dogs have been revered as spiritual beings

In the course of our shared journey through life, dogs and humans have been inseparable companions for more than 14,000 years. Some of our predecessors considered dogs to be martyrs and holy creatures, and they performed ceremonies to honor their souls. Dogs, according to indigenous myths and legends, shield humans from evil spirits, particularly at night and in dreams. It is common practice in certain cultures to give dogs human names, such as “aunt,” “grandfather,” or “kid,” on the theory that they are reincarnations of deceased relatives.

Many individuals perform rituals at pet cemeteries in order to pay their last respects to their departed pets, believing that doing so would provide some kind of closure to the grieving process. It’s hardly unexpected that allusions to pets’ “immortal souls” increased from 1881 to 1981 when the research was conducted.

Dogs were revered in ancient times as psychopomps or entities that accompanied the spirits of the deceased into the afterlife. It’s hard to imagine a world in which a soulless creature is trusted with the responsibility of leading others to the next life. Both the Egyptian god Anubis and the Greek god Cerebus, who both had the form of a dog, represented death and the afterlife. The dogs also helped make moral judgments on the souls crossing the Bridge of Decision between this world and the next.

Canine loyalty is perhaps why guide dogs are so devoted. Perhaps this is why we put so much stock in a dog’s social judgment and see our departed pets ascending across a rainbow bridge (Rainbow Bridge).

2. Dogs Are Honored in the Heavens

We frequently look to the sky in our sadness and see our loved ones as stars that represent their essence and continue to shine on after death. Dogs are also represented in the stars; in fact, they are among the brightest stars in our galaxy.

Three major constellations are named after dogs:

  • canin major
  • canin minor
  • canes venatici

Sirius, the brightest star in canin major, was connected with dogs in ancient Greek mythology. Star Procyon, sometimes known as the “Little Dog Star,” is the brightest object in the constellation Canis Minor.

3. Theology and Organized Religions Have an Impact on Dog Souls

Academic and ethereal best describe the study of the soul by religious thinkers.

Judaism and certain branches of Christianity believe that humans are the only species on Earth with a soul. Most other faiths, like Hinduism and Jainism, believe that all dogs and other animals, including humans, have souls.

Many Buddhists include their dogs in spiritual practices like meditation, chanting, and devotion because of the belief that animals have souls.

All sentient creatures have souls and are connected to cosmic energy, a belief held by many indigenous peoples and others who practice spirituality in harmony with nature. This is one of the many reasons why they are so concerned with environmental and animal welfare.

Animism goes farther, positing that inanimate objects like rivers and mountains have souls as well.

Faith Leaders Weigh In On the Soul Question Regarding Dogs

Many ancient faiths and noetic disciplines held the view that dogs were spiritual entities here on Earth with the ability to aid in the development of human souls and enlightenment. Some faiths, however, during times of spiritual and moral degradation and hubris in humankind, started to decry animals as mere property, without any more life or soul than a rock.

Because of his belief that animals lacked souls, Pope Pius IX led a concerted effort in the 19th century to prevent the founding of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Some religious leaders, such as Pope John Paul II, have recently reaffirmed the soulfulness of animals, exhorting their followers to “love and feel solidarity with smaller brothers” since “also the animals possess a soul.” Then he said, “animals are as close to God as mankind are.” Saint Francis of Assisi is generally recognized as the patron saint of animals because he is said to have seen their “soul” beneath their eyes.

4. The Soul’s Science

Some branches of research, from biology to quantum physics, have attempted to put a number on the possibility of souls. Though many have written off the soul as nothing more than a wishful thought, a few have applied the scientific method to the topic in an effort to find proof. Even scientists have tried to put a number on the soul (in both humans and canines) without success. Some researchers have explored for a “God nucleus” in cells or for regions of the brain that become active upon death.

Neuroscientist Eban Alexander had a near-death experience and came to the conclusion that the soul is real, despite the fact that he could not prove it scientifically. Recently, scholars have been trying to demonstrate that the soul is an immutable kind of electromagnetic energy.

There is a dearth of evidence supporting the idea of a soul, so some scientists have tried to redefine it in terms of what we already know, proposing that it is the sum of each person’s neurocognitive essence, including their distinctive brain signature, a network of nerves, and chemical output from their brain. While it’s true that these things help set each person apart, it’s a stretch to say they’re what really defines a soul.

Unfortunately, no amount of effort can make anything real just because it is tangible. Is it possible to put a number on emotions like joy and sorrow? At best, we still don’t know the science underlying the soul, and that’s particularly true when it comes to our canine companions.

5. Psychologists Define Souls

The psyche is thought of as all of one’s mental processes, both consciously and unconsciously. If the soul is what exists beyond the body, then maybe the field of psychology might provide light on the question.

Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle all acknowledged that the body and soul were distinct things, yet they nonetheless saw the soul as the essence of a living creature. For Aristotle, both animals and plants have

  • lants’ “vegetative souls” existed simply to grow and reproduce and therefore were at the bottom of the soul hierarchy
  • animals’ “sensitive souls” were above plants due to their ability to sense and move
  • as “rational souls”, humans were at the top of the hierarchy due to their intellect and ability to reason

In his seminar on the “Dog”, influential psychologist Carl Jung wrote,

“The dog helps with dying… and with rebirth. Through the mind of a dog, the world exists. Man and dog stand for a harmonious unit… between consciousness and less consciousness. In this pair…the unconscious is…bound so that the miracle can happen.”

In terms of psychology, it may be argued that the concept of a soul only provides us with hope and perseverance to get through the hardships of life and death. It’s possible that accepting the possibility that dogs don’t have souls might make losing them easier. Perhaps. A dog’s soul may serve a completely wonderful role in our lives and the rest of the human experience, but spiritual understanding informs us that the soul isn’t only there to make us feel better while we are mourning.

6. Spiritual Counselors and Animal Communicators Discuss Souls

A spiritual perspective seeks to unite all people – regardless of religious beliefs – under universal concepts like:

  • connectedness to self and others
  • relationships with nature
  • an understanding of our life’s purpose

So does this definition include dogs as spiritual beings? A resounding yes!  Dogs are souls who come to us to advance our spiritual growth. How they do this is fascinating.

The Purpose of a Dog: Soul Contracts

Dogs are our fur angels on Earth; they serve as therapists, trainers, guides, and instructors all around us. Animals contribute to expanding awareness and spiritual progress by taking on these responsibilities.

According to expert animal communicators, a portion of an animal’s soul stays energetically linked to the spirit world (Universe, God, Light, Source) so that they are constantly “plugged in” to universal love. This bond binds canines to their companions, to our feeling of connection, and to our life mission, as outlined in our soul contracts.

What exactly is a Soul Contract?

A soul contract is formed before we are born into our present bodies.

When we decide to join Life School, we have a loving conversation with our Council, which is made up of our most beloved soulmates, angels, guides, and yes, animals, who are always with us. Our soul’s mission is honed and prepared here, with earthly teachings designed to increase eternity’s awareness via our life experience.

So, if we’ve ever had dogs in our life, it’s because they promised to aid us with our spiritual development – via a soul contract.

Although many may halt here to argue various religious ideas, we at Healing Fur Souls accept the global, esoteric truth that so many Fur Souls have taught to us. Consider this book by a renowned veterinarian and animal communicator Dr. Cathy Seabrook if you want to understand more about animals and soul contracts in the context of healing.

Dogs honor their soul contracts in a variety of ways, including assisting people, society, and the planet with their intelligence and elegance.

A dog’s purpose in a soul contract may be to teach us:

  • empathy e.g. when we see dogs in less than loving environments
  • kindness and unconditional love e.g. when a dog snuggles next to us or wags his tail (even if we are grumpy)
  • wonder and faith e.g. when we hear stories of dogs who grieve the loss of family members, stay at the side of the dying or warn of danger
  • to appreciate nature and all living beings e.g. by taking their own sweet time on walks to sniff, listen, play and check out new experiences while we rush to meet deadlines
  • to look after our needs and health e.g. dogs frequently mirror health issues of their owners 

One of the soul contracts that we see all the time is about health and healing.

An Example of a Dog’s Soul Contract: Health and Healing

Dogs can teach us about health and healing in many ways. They could:

  • take on and reflect our state of health in their own bodies
  • teach us about healthier ways of living
  • help us develop empathy for when we see others sick or dying
  • advance our ability to heal others

How do they achieve this? Animals (and humans) take on energy manifestations of “dis-ease” as part of a soul contract in order to learn from the sickness. Stomach or gut disorders, for example, often signify challenges with intuition or “gut sensations.” Learning to “follow your intuition” may help you find your genuine life purpose while eliminating the need for stomach disorders. This is where healers, including animals, can teach us a lot. Healers go through a lot to learn how to heal others.

So it is up to the healer to learn and the animals to assist us. Reiki and other forms of energy treatment may be effective tools for understanding the spiritual significance of sickness and healing from it. However, it is critical that your dog has access to a comprehensive team of conventional and holistic health care experts when sickness or injury happens since each specialist has a role to play depending on the scenario.

Hudson, our second Golden Retriever, played a very crucial role in our soul contract. He was given disease to teach us how to cure him and other animals. Hudson’s tale is wonderful, and it inspired Healing Fur Souls’ Reiki and Natural Health Care for Dogs programs.

7. Firsthand Experience: Evidence That Dogs Have Souls

My observations of death are many as a nurse, Reiki Master, and pet parent. Being in the presence of a dying being allows you to tangibly feel the intangible as the body exhales its last breath and starts its journey in spirit. It may not be something that can be weighed or measured, but it is very real.

A Dog’s Soul Lives On

Grieving pet parents often ask us:

  • Will my dog will go to heaven?
  • Will he be with our other pets and people who have gone before?
  • Will he be with me in spirit?
  • Is he happy?
  • Was he ready to pass?
  • Was he ok with us helping him transition through euthanasia?
  • Does he have anything to tell us?

Be certain that every Fur Soul has fulfilled his function and just wants to adore you. He jumps into his transition with excitement, regardless of how long he has been here. He may continue to speak via dreams, messages, or signals, which are just a few of the numerous ways he may soothe folks who have lost a dog.

A dog’s spirit may serve a totally amazing role in our lives and the totality of the human experience, rather than merely making us feel better while we are sad.

Dogs communicate with one another via dreams, messages, and signs.

Even after our pets are in spirit form, their spirits continue to reach out and love us via dreams, coincidences, and messages. Here are some instances of personal encounters.

Morgan’s Message in a Dream

Morgan appeared in a dream to her pet father before she died. Morgan had bone cancer, and although her pet mom made sure she was comfortable, she wasn’t ready to let Morgan go just yet. Morgan was seen in the dream trying to run over the Rainbow Bridge but was restrained by a lengthy leash. Morgan’s pet parent was relieved when she learned this was Morgan’s way of expressing her readiness to transition.

Morgan transitioned wonderfully and joyously with the assistance of an Animal Reiki Master, and her pet parent felt compassion and closure now that she knew Morgan’s purpose and was ready to return to her purest soul form.

The Dragonflies of Harley

Harley adored his canine companion. They were close pals who relished every doggie adventure life had to offer. Harley fulfilled his soul contract through multiple surgeries and illnesses by educating his family about appropriate nutrition, pleasure, play, and living in the now. He also showed his furry sibling how to care for him.

Harley’s pet parents started detecting blue dragonflies the minute he changed into spirit. They had never seen them before, particularly in their neighborhood. Dragonflies were suddenly everywhere – people would send them cards with dragonflies on them, or dragonfly wind chimes would grab their eyes. The name of Harley’s mother’s new manicure business was “Dragonfly Spa” – the signals simply kept coming!

Harley’s pet parents often spotted two blue dragonflies falling on them or dancing around after Harley’s fur sibling died as well. Knowing that dragonflies were often regarded as spiritual visitors, Harley’s pet parents were certain that dragonflies were a sign that his soul was still sending love, happiness, and messages from beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

Stanford Opens Up During Reiki

Stanford revealed during a Reiki session that he was experiencing awful stomach problems as part of his soul contract with his 35-year-old pet mother. She was stressed out at work, ate badly, and was feeling nausea, gut inflammation, and diarrhea, yet she continued to work long hours and disregard her own health.

She took Stanford to a Holistic Vet with the help of a Reiki practitioner, who told her what Stanford needed to rectify his nutrition, and food allergies, and heal gut inflammation. She started to investigate her own nutrition and stress management as a result of her compassion and resolve to assist Stanford. She eventually resigned her demanding work, studied holistic nutrition, and began selling her own line of healthful foods.

The Verdict on Whether Dogs Have Souls

There are many different points of view, yet there is no proof that only humans have souls. Indeed, from where we stand, it seems that dogs do have souls.

Our souls are the underlying connection we share with one another and with our creatures.

It is ultimately meaningless whether we need to clearly establish or refute the existence of a dog’s soul.

A thousand scientific studies, a library of historical documents, confessions of personal religious views, and millions of personal experiences will not persuade everyone. Either you know or you don’t, since our souls are the underlying link we have to one another. And one soul recognizes another soul, regardless of the body in which it resides.

There are several methods to “know.” Look beyond structured systems of science or religion to our one underlying universal experience – the bond we share with one another and our pets – our souls.