What Your Pet Sees When It Encounters A Ghost, And What You Can Do About It

It’s happened to all of us at some point or another: the dog starts barking at something invisible, or the cat stops playing to gaze into space. Many people, whether you shrug and laugh or pack up and go, think that dogs have a sixth sense. There are even others who claim animals everywhere, including pets, have the ability to foresee catastrophic calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis.

There are certain telltale signals that your pet may have seen a ghost.

Adhering to the trail of something unseeable

They may be sitting quite motionless, but their eyes would be darting all over the room, or they could jump up and eagerly pursue the…thing… with their noses.

Totally pointless barking or hissing

The worst part is that there’s no one else in the house to comfort you, save for your pet and whatever it is that it hates. There might be something supernatural present, or they could just have heard something you haven’t.

Seeking solace or seeking to shield

Your pet may begin to show signs of anxiety out of the blue, such as cowering behind you or even blocking your path in an apparent attempt to protect you. One possible explanation is that the specter isn’t as welcoming as desired.

Behaving in a disinterested manner

It might seem as if they are paying attention to someone else in the room. While selective hearing is most likely at play here, if this person always responds immediately to their name being called, then they may be preoccupied with a ghost if they ignore you now.

Unrealistically good

Maybe your cat is pawing at thin air, or your dog has flipped over as if it were getting a belly massage from an unseen hand. It’s possible they’re just yapping aimlessly as if they saw someone they recognized pass through the door.

Some of our dogs may have intriguing tales to share, but we can’t know for sure whether they’ve really experienced anything paranormal or heard voices from the afterlife. While our dogs’ keen senses may allow them to see things we miss, they sometimes lack the cognitive abilities to escape dangerous circumstances