Whale Eye Mean In Dog Body Language?

The whale eye is an instance of a dog’s body language. It may be a sign they’re feeling stressed or anxious. Most often, dogs will tilt its head back slightly, and the whites of their eyes appear to be in a half-moon shape.

Canine behavior is a great way to communicate to the owner and other animals what the dog is thinking and feeling. Learn more about the meaning behind eyes that look like whales in your dog can indicate your dog’s personality.

“Whale eyes” is a term that dog trainers employ to describe the dog’s body language when clear whites in his eyes (the eye sclera) can be seen.

The Whale Eye? Dogs?

“Whale eyes” refers to a phrase that dog trainers employ to describe a dog’s body language while the clear whites in his eyes (the eyelids) appear. The dog may turn his head a little, but his eyes are fixated on something or someone. The eyes’ whites will appear as a half moon typically on the outer or inner side of the eyes, but often all around. The whale eye can be referred to as the “half-moon eye.”

The whale eye may not be easily discernible in all breeds of dogs. It is possible that the eyes of dogs that are brachycephalic (dogs with muzzles that are short) could show a little white because of their body shape, and all dogs will glance at the side of their face, which may reveal their sclera. If the dog isn’t displaying any other indications of anxiety the eye you’re looking at might not be the whale eye.

Signs that could be associated with Whale Eye

A dog with a true whale eye will typically exhibit other indicators of stress, too. You might notice signs of affection like lip-licking, or refusing the eye. 2 The dog’s hair could be standing up on his spine. It is also possible to grunt a warning or freeze in a rigid manner.

What does Whale Eye be?

A dog with a whale eye typically shows anxiety and discontent with the present circumstances. This dog is anxious and may even be afraid. A whale eye could be a sign that a dog will eventually be aggressive and defensive. A dog who is stressed will be more susceptible to biting. If you see this type of dog’s body language when you approach a dog, slow down until the dog is calm and gets more comfortable or at the very least, until you are able to determine the reason behind it.

Check out the dog’s environment without stepping in. Do you see another dog or cat in the area? Are you seeing a stranger coming? Your dog might detect something you aren’t able to be able to hear, such as footsteps from outside that are coming towards your door. Children may be reaching for their pet’s most loved toy, or worse an animal chew or a treat.

A dog could show whale eyes when he’s not happy with what a person is touching him for example, being touched, being hugged in a place he does not prefer to touch or being examined by an animal vet or having his nails cut. 

What to Do If an Animal Exhibits Whale Eye

Your dog hopes you look him in the eye and detect the message he’s trying to convey. He would like you to take action to rectify the problem. It is the most effective method of action if recognizes the problem.

If it’s possible that it’s the result of something that you’re doing just put it down. If another dog is attempting to approach a public place take your dog to the side. Remember that your dog could be nervous, and you may need to convince him to get up.

The dog will not be able to understand what you are saying which could cause him to be upset even more. What would you think of yourself when you attempted to whisper something important to someone’s ears only to be disqualified? If your dog is showing whale eyes, the issue isn’t him, it’s usually something external.