We Are Running Romania’s Largest Cat Shelter With 300+ Cats Who Are In Need Of Help Everyday

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Hello again to all the readers at Bored Panda. You might remember us from a couple of years ago when we shared our story as the largest cat shelter in Romania. We wanted to provide an update on what’s been happening since th

Compared to the last update, our home is currently filled with over 300 cats, however, despite all of that, our mission has always reached far beyond that. Every day, we receive calls about abandoned and sick animals who need our help. This responsibility, while huge, is something we take to heart.

Of course, it’s not all just bad things as we have some positive news to share as well!

With that being said, we hope, that after reading all of this, you would consider the possibility of donating to help us deal with sick and injured animals. All of our socials are linked just below.

As the largest cat shelter in Romania, we are home to over 300 cats, but our mission extends far beyond that

Every day, we receive calls about abandoned and sick animals who need our help. This responsibility, while huge, is something we take to heart

We don’t just care for dogs and cats. We’re also determined to save cats suffering from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

We’ve saved dozens of cats so far. Many people don’t know this, but FIP can be cured, and we hope to spread this message far and wide

It’s crucial to note that we’ve been actively involved in rescuing cats afflicted with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). So far, we’ve managed to save dozens of these feline lives, which is a noteworthy achievement considering many people aren’t aware that FIP is indeed a treatable disease. We hope that this article serves as an enlightening resource for cat owners, making them aware that a diagnosis of FIP doesn’t have to be a death sentence for their beloved pets.

Winter here can be harsh, so we made a fireplace for the animals. They have two houses to live in, but it’s still very crowded

We’re doing our best, but we’re struggling. We’re always running out of dry cat and dog food. We couldn’t afford vaccines this year and still owe a lot to our vets

Just a few days ago, one of our dearest and most affectionate cats was diagnosed with leukemia. The vet suspects that we may have many more cats suffering from the same disease. However, with a family of over 300 cats, the cost of testing all of them is a financial challenge we’re struggling with, especially when gathering sufficient funds for basic necessities like dry food is a struggle in itself. It is my earnest hope that this article will bring much-needed attention and support to our cause, benefiting these beautiful creatures.

Our daily struggle with caring for sick animals continues, with minimal support forthcoming. However, there is a beacon of hope – a kind-hearted lady from the UK. After reading our story on Bored Panda, she took it upon herself to send us food regularly, showing us that the previous article truly made a difference!

That being said, not all is bad, a lot of good things happened as well, and we’d love to share those success stories with you too

For example, recently we saved 20 cats from Ukraine

We also helped Torpy, who had pneumonia and was rescued from the cold

Cona here was abandoned with only three legs but luckily we found her in time as well!

We also found Murtzi, who was near-comatose from a head injury. After bottle-feeding her back to health, she’s improved, albeit with some lingering motor impairment

Gibi was once just skin and bone due to FIP. Now, he’s completely transformed into a healthy and happy cat

A while back, we came across something we had never seen before. We found three puppies, abandoned and covered in hundreds of ticks

They were skinny, had mange, fleas, and were soon diagnosed with Parvo, one of the worst diseases a puppy can get

For five long days, they didn’t eat anything, living only on IV fluids and medication. But they fought hard, recovered, and are now waiting to be adopted

We’ve reached out to many big NGOs abroad, asking for help with adoptions and spaying programs

Unfortunately, none have helped so far. We’re not sure where else to turn for aid, but we can’t stop trying

Every day, we get calls to help rescue animals. It’s hard, but we’ll keep going, because every life we save makes it worth it. So please, consider supporting our cause!