Top 6 Difficult Dog Breeds to Train

While our dogs are like members of the family, it’s no secret that some of them are a real challenge to train. However adorable they may be, training a dog may be a real pain. We’ll examine some of the most challenging breeds of dog to train so you can determine for yourself whether the rewards outweigh the costs.


Beagles from the Envigo facility at Homeward Trails Adoption Center.Credit...Sue Bell/Homeward Trails
Beagles from the Envigo facility at Homeward Trails Adoption Center.Credit…Sue Bell/Homeward Trails

As the saying goes, a Beagle can smell anything. As this breed is known to dig through whatever they can get their hands on, owners should keep their homes immaculate. Beagles are notoriously difficult to teach due to their boundless energy. Beagles are known for being stubborn and slow to learn new instructions, but with time and persistence, they can be trained.


Despite the fact that this breed has been the subject of some debate, here is all you need to know about it. Most people’s initial impression of a Rottweiler is one of fear and dread. However, if taught correctly, this kind of dog is known to be very devoted to its master. Many untrained Rottweilers contribute to the breed’s negative image. As a result, they become aggressive toward outsiders, unyielding, and overbearing in their guarding of their belongings. This breed just requires more time and effort in training.

Siberian Husky

Husky’s nose has a color that changes with coat color

The beauty of a Siberian Husky is well acknowledged. Due to their high energy levels, they need consistent training. If this breed gets bored, they will start behaving badly. It’s possible to match this dog with another of the same breed, although doing so involves some risk. Some individuals find it challenging to care for this breed of dog because of the additional time and effort required for training.

Basset Hound

It is common knowledge that Basset Hounds are notoriously hard to housetrain. Understanding what it’s like to be a Basset Hound owner requires understanding that training a dog that takes their time to catch on may be a challenging experience. For the Basset Hound, the best method of training is via rewards rather than punishments. Some degree of patience is needed.

Chinese Shar-Pei

The breed seems much too lovely and lovable to be challenging. But despite their adorable appearance, they aren’t the most sociable of dogs. Some households are comfortable with Chinese Shar-Peis, however it’s not recommended that they be near children. This dog has been known to attack strangers, other animals, and even guests, prompting some owners to resort to physical restraint. They are notoriously difficult to train because to their extreme territoriality.

Afghan Hound

In spite of the breed’s reputation for intelligence, training this dog may be challenging. Afghan Hounds are known for being a little erratic. Even if they first comply with your directives, they may end up rejecting them later on, making the whole situation very aggravating for you. If you want a dog with a little of independence, this is the breed for you.