The Three-Legged, One-Eyed Dog No One Wanted

We had to say goodbye to our lovely 13.5 year old Standard Poodle called Mojo. We’d already discussed that we would take another dog, but it needed to be one with special needs and one that wouldn’t be so easy to home. It would probably take us a few months for the right dog to come along.

The following day we spotted an urgent adoption appeal for a very sad looking Romanian dog with three legs and one eye which no-one wanted.


We fell instantly in love with this pitiful looking dog and immediately sent off an email to the Rescue. So much for a couple of months!

Peg had a bad start. She was taken off the streets by Romanian dog catchers and thrown into the Public Shelter in Hunedoara, Romania.

She was missing a paw on one her front legs and had a badly infected eye. She was receiving absolutely no medical care at all.

Peg’s luck changed through a wonderful lady who arranged to distance adopt Peg to save her from being euthanized. A small Romanian rescue charity managed to find a space for Peg and freed her from the Public Shelter.

The charity appealed for donations for Peg’s veterinary treatment and in July 2014, Peg’s leg was amputated and her eye removed.

It took less than 2 weeks to bring Peg to us in the UK. I was sat on a train traveling to work when I saw that Peg had reached the port in Dover, UK and I cried. This little dog, who we’d never met had already managed to totally capture our hearts.

We’ve now had Peg for nearly 4 months and you wouldn’t believe that she’d been through so much. She is such a loving, trusting girl who loves cuddles and adores everyone.

Peg regularly attends local dog shows where we can spread the word about the terrible conditions in Romania and people can see first hand how well these dogs adjust. We are amazed at the amount of attention she gets as we don’t see her disabilities anymore.

She is greatly loved.

Story submitted by Tan Morris of Worcester, United Kingdom.

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