The Pit Bull Was Spending His Final Days In Comfort And Held On As They Tried One Last Thing For The Senior Dog

Oftentimes, our daily lives overlook the little things we don’t appreciate. But, behind all of those objects and moments that bring us joy lies a world of possibilities to give back! This Pit Bull was in desperate need of love and attention – so much so that he had lost hope. Yet when someone finally provided him with it, not only did his strength come alive once more but also something beautiful: life! Meet Saint, the Pit Bull, this is his story!

Saint, the dog who was soon to be found stumbling on a street corner, was so malnourished and weak that he could barely move. When discovered, parasites had ravaged his poor body leaving him with no chance of survival – or so it seemed. Despite all odds stacked against him, Saint was taken in by a foster home as a hospice case; however those around were prepared for the worst outcome due to his dismal state when rescued.

He was found in a homeless encampment, rarely having anything to eat. He never had veterinary care. Heather, Saint’s foster mom, took him into her care after being found. Heather willingly stepped up knowing Saint would pass away soon in her care. She has a heart of gold!

Heather’s family was very supportive of her decision to help Saint. They rallied behind them both. Saint’s first week was terrible. He was so shut down and weak. He didn’t understand where he was or what would happen to him. He had never been inside a house before. But things began to change.

Heather, while still realistic about Saint’s prognosis, was floored when within two weeks he started interacting with his new doggy friends. He was also walking into the family room and interacting with his new friends.

Saint still had a hard time eating. Heather continued to try to get in as many calories as possible but it was challenging. This was further proof that Saint wouldn’t make it. While they accepted it, they still had an inch of hope inside their hearts and they tried one more thing: rotisserie chicken. And Saint couldn’t get enough of it.

Saint stunned his family with the amount of progress he made in such a short period of time following surgery. When eating, he remained full and became more active; a sign that his appetite was healthy and not just robbing him of calories. Watch this heartwarming video below, it will truly touch your heart! 🥹